Henrik Stenson – 18h PGA Champ – Mixmaster Golf

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Henrik is so strong. Like, Swedish lumberjack strong. His swing is compact and doesn’t include any extra loopy paths or tippy toes. When he plays a competition round he does not waste any extra energy with emotive outbursts. He’s simply an extremely efficient, strong, consistent golfer. And you only get like that with a dedicated rigorous practice regime.

And all the hours of practice paid off with Henrik becoming one of the top golfers on the tour today. With a shower of victorys that hasn’t stopped since 2013, (2013 DeutcheBank, 2013 Tour Championship, 2013 DP World Tour Champ, 2016 BMW Open, 2016 The Open Championship, 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist); Henrik is a perfect example of putting your head down, doing hard work, and letting the results speak for themselves.

Please enjoy 18 holes of this supreme swede do work on Baltrusol GC. #KISSTHEGUNS

3 thoughts on “Henrik Stenson – 18h PGA Champ – Mixmaster Golf

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