Here is why Matt Ryan could lead the Falcons to the NFL playoffs this season | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd on the odds Matt Ryan can lead his Falcons to the NFL playoffs.

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21 thoughts on “Here is why Matt Ryan could lead the Falcons to the NFL playoffs this season | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Purpin

    Why do people always bring up Ryan's weapons like he didn't have 4500 yds 26 TDs in 2013 with HARRY DOUGLAS as his leading receiver? Find a new way to try and talk down about him. The difference is he's never had an O-Line this good.

  2. JChristopher Charles

    Colin is just about as much of a joke as Steven A Smith is. I am so sick and tired of hearing these analyst talk about Andrew Luck like he is just the Golden Arm of the league. He has proven nothing in his career thus far but yet everyone is quick to label him as an elite Tier 1 QB. that's total BS.I am not saying he is trash or he can't win a superbowl in the future but why is it that they a comfortable with giving him so much credit with such a small body of work. But they can clearly see Matt Ryan's stats year in and year out but yet they continue to discredit and insult him. its ridiculous. He had a down season last year due to a shaky offensive line that he has had to deal with for years and oh not to mention trying to adjust to a completely different system & scheme including a new head coach and new OC. Now this year everyone is raising an eyebrow at him because he been putting up monster stats this year. Like it came out of no where. Matt has always been a solid good QB and yes once you give him the pieces that every QB in the league needs, he can and will take his team to the playoffs. Throughout his entire career he has been doing his part but he can't be the QB, the GM, Defense, the Offensive Line, etc. its not his fault he was stuck with poor OLs, and team injuries in the past. I Guarantee if you put Tom Brady with a poor OL his entire career almost, he would not be the Tom Brady that we all know.And Collin no QB can carry the entire team on their back. every championship team had a solid defense and OL to protect the QB. If you don't know that you don't need to be an analyst or even a sports commentator for that matter.The Falcons are getting better week by week and as long as the team keeps this play up, there is no reason why the Falcons can't go deep in the playoffs.

  3. eslgurucalif

    Dalton and Matt Ryan are the same? It stuns me how often guys like Cowherd or Stephen A Smith don't do their homework before they make such strong (and idiotic) statements. I've realized that they often simply don't watch the games or even read the stats.

  4. InterWebGuy99

    Andy Dalton couldn't carry Matt Ryan's jock strap. Matt Ryan's problem hasn't been lack of weapons, it's been a pathetic OL for the past three of four years. With decent protection Ryan's numbers are going off the charts.

  5. Nightflare50

    All he had to say was that Matt Ryan got the Falcons to an NFC championship game and that would've ended that horrible Andy Dalton comparison

  6. Quentin Watts

    Everyone needs weapons/help; EVEN CAM….Cam doesn't carry anything by himself. Look at whats happening now..Without a dominate defense, running game, or big time receivers (besides Benjamin) Cam has carried the Panthers NO WHERE besides to the INJURY TRAIN…Thats what all that "carrying on your back" gets you. ATL SON!! :)

  7. Isiah Owens

    Matt ryan been putting up these numbers…. The last 2 years the organization was going through a transition….. So he struggled….. This man before of late has been putting up these numbers with terrible oline… No run game…. Terrible defense….. Just goes to show these sports broadcasters don't do much research…. Just go off public opinion

  8. ZaneCRUZE

    what argument is the honkey making when he says he can't "carry" a team. A QB alone shouldn't have to carry a team, brady doesn't carry a team, he has malcom butler and pete carols awful call to thank for his 4th ring and neither did big ben when he won two SB's. Matt ryan just gets undeserved praise because he's on the falcons and for some reason, everybody hates the falcons.

  9. Nicholas Dunlap

    You know what falcons family it just facts we are the most hated team in the NFL its like pick your poison when they go against the gain reporters media sports shows feel empty about themselves the only way we can take an L if the refs are told to rob us out a win and don't call penalties for us what teams we go against for examples Seahawks,Dallas,49ers have done a robbery on us in the playoffs or regular season.

  10. El Roberto Duran

    This guy is an idiot, without Matt Ryan lets say in the 2007 season they were 4-12. The minute Matt Ryan came into the league into 2008. They were 11-5. And he won ROY. Matt Ryan also carried them to a 13-3 record with just Roddy White on the team in 2010. Matt Ryan has more game winners and 4th quarter comebacks than any other qb in NFL history including Brady. Matt Ryan broke the record with highest qbr in an nfc conference championship game against the 49ers. He was basically leading his team to victory, but his defense collapse and gave up 17 points. He has more wins as a starter during the first five seasons than any other qb in nfl history. Matt ryan has more completions than anybody in nfl history during the first season seasons, and is second in nfl history in most passing yards (during the first season seasons) and to compare versus Dalton is completely blasphemy. That is like myself comparing Mike Bibby to Allen Iverson.


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