History of Golf – Where it All Began

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If there is a sport that has always been mired in contrary to its origins, it has to be golf. Experts date the first account of the word golf to the word Gouf, which according to Scottish statutes was a forbidden word. On the other hand, the Dutch claimed golf as one of their local sports, which they called kolf.

On most counts, the evidences point towards the fact that this game originated from Scotland in the early 1100s.

Early References

Egyptians and the Chinese have also made some thoughts about some games being played, which seemed similar to golf. As per a 11th century document, the Dongxuan Records, the Chinese seemed to be playing a sport similar to the Golf. On the other hand, the Dutch too reported some citations where a group of players hit a ball with a stick to a target that was placed some meters away.

Modern Golf

With the kind of rich history Golf had, it was quite natural that this sport would take a more modern form. It came by the end of the 15th century, and much of that credit was attributed to the Scotts, who took to the golf in a conservatively big way. Much like its history until then, a lot of experts believed that this game was more like Ice Hockey.

The first sign of golf courses and course memberships surfaced though in Scotland, leading a lot of people to believe that this country was responsible for the origin of golf. It was in Scotland that the first 18-hole golf course was built. Slowly, the golf fever started catching countries like England, the USA and other countries in no time at all.

Did you know that players did not play on a 18-hole course when they started playing golf way back in the 15th century? Those days, courses used to have 22 holes, played across two sets of 11 holes each. It was only in 1764 that officials thought that the holes were too short, and bought about a change in rules. Thus came the start of the 18-hole system, witness to which was St. Louis. Andrews Links in Fife. St. Andrews Fife, then went on to be called the golf capital of the world, and it stays like that then far.

Golfing equipment for example, has undergone a major sea change over the last some decades.


With golf getting to be popular across most countries in the world, associations like the PGA, and others came into existence. Soon enough, tourneys like the PGA Tour, The European Tour, The APGA Tour for men and the LPGA Tour for women had started to being organized.

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