How to Buy online golf league software? – Golf Scorekeeper

Golf game software is used to store and manage data related to players, teams and handicap ratings in a golf league or tournament. It is database management software used by individuals, as well as golf club managers who organize golf tournaments. The software maintains complete personal records of players like name, address, phone numbers, dues, etc. Information about the type of tournament, number of holes in the course, putts, fairways, greens, earnings, and points are fed into the computer. Golf software calculates the USGA (United States Golf Association) handicap ratings of individual players. It can track any number of different courses, or add a new course anytime. It can customize tee names and colors. It also creates a wide range of reports like roster reports, handicap labels, official ‘USGA handicap card’ and custom handicap directory reports. It also creates membership dues report, most improved golfer report, directories, mailing labels and many more.


The reports and calculations are stored on a disk for future use. The data can also be converted into HTML file format and loaded onto a website. The software is easy to use even for a computer novice. It takes a few minutes to upload and calculations are fast. The progress of the tournament or present handicap ratings can be accessed at any stage of the tournament. Golf has become a very popular sport around the world. You can buy online golf league software from golf scorekeeper. The number of local, national and international tournaments held in the country has also increased. New golf software systems are continuously being developed to simplify the complex process of maintaining tournament records and calculating handicap ratings.

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