How to Find Your Putter – Be a True Golfer

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Putting is the biggest and most important area in golf. If you cannot make that one put in order to get a birdie or a par, than it can change your game of golf. Making those putts will allow you maybe win your first tournament or best score out of all. First, a true golfer needs to find the right putter. If the grip is too big, the putter too light or too heavy, or the size is not correct, it could affect the way you play.


So how does an amateur golfer find the perfect putter for them? Well first, a golfer needs to find their weight, length, and loft. Secondly, you need to choose between a mallet putter, heel and toe putter, or blade putter. These are very important because if you do not like the weight or choice between mallet or heel and toe, it could affect the way you play. You want to like your putter and be comfortable with it because you have to use it on each hole.

Look at this video! It allows you to understand more about the different types of videos.

In my personal experience, I had the blade and the heel and toe putter. Both have worked wonderfully for me. The heel and toe putter had a lot more weight then the blade but that helped me keep my stroke in a straighter line. Whereas the blade did not need a lot of weight because of the grip and I was capable of having more control with the putter. The blade putter is exceptionally better out of all three for beginners. As I have gotten better with my game, I moved on to the heel and toe so I can keep my stroke more in place.

Remember putters and putting is the most important along with drives and short game.

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