How to Swing Your Golf Club

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Did you know that there are about 32,000 golf courses in the world, from which approximately 50% are in the United States alone? So, it's no secret that we Americans love golf!

If you are an avid golfer yourself, you probably already know that your golf score is almost wholly dependent on your swing, although there are others factors that count as well. You also need good hand-eye coordination, vision, balance, creativity, and athletic ability to play golf well.

Golf is one of the most challenging games played both in the mind and on the fairway. There are many tips that can be applied to improve your swing and game. Using simple ways will work better than complicated methods, hence stick to easy ways of improving your game.

Here are some easy and effective ways to improve your swing.

o Get the proper grip

o Have a correct stance

o Produce a perfect backswing

o Perfect your downswing

o Get a good follow through

Proper grip is very important for the right swing. There are different grips that you can apply:

1. For golfers with thick or short hands there is the interlocking grip; combine and interlock the left and right index finger.

2. Usually male players use the overlapping grip where the right little finger sets on top of the index finger of your left hand.

3. The baseball grip: (Mostly used by beginners) In this case, avoid overlapping the index finger of your left hand and little finger on the right hand, but make sure that there is some contact between the two.

The Correct stance is required for you to make the perfect swing. Make sure that your weight is equally balanced; stand relaxed over the ball. Tension can have a negative effect on the swing. Remember to keep your orbit erect and not rounded.

Be slow and deliberate and avoid rushing it to get the perfect backswing. Keep your left arm as straight as possible while going back. Do not rush the backswing as the power of the shot is mostly generated here.

Begin the downswing from your hips and keep your head behind the ball. For the downswing, it is always advisable to use your right hand to generate more power. Again do not rush things and take your time; it is good to have a gradual increase in speed on the downswing along with proper balance.

Your head should come up with your right shoulder, and your chin must be over your right shoulder with your head facing the target. This will give you a good follow through.

Be very patient while learning these tips and you can also practice them without actually hitting the balls. Remember practice makes perfect so do not hesitate to get some in at every chance you get.

Relax and focus. Try these tips out for good results the next time you and your friends go for a game. Amaze them with your golf skills. Keep in mind that just like in life, learning never stops, even in golf. So, keep learning, keep practicing, and watch your golf scores take a plunge every time you hit the greens.

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