I Might Be a Little Crazy – Common Thoughts?

It is now early Saturday morning and I actually have a semi functioning brain at this time. I want to share a little about something I am going to do today. First of all, I have been playing golf for over 30 years. I’m not bad, and at one point I was shooting in the low 80’s fairly consistently with a few rounds in the high 70’s sprinkled in there every now and again. I have never hot the golf ball very far but as I have been playing less frequently over the years that non impressive distance I had has gone and now I feel like I might as well be teeing it up from the women’s tees most times out and that isn’t much fun. 

I recently have been taking some time to practice more and to view what my swing looks like presently. Well…… it’s pretty ugly. What is more frustrating is I know the principals of what makes a good golf swing and the positioning of the legs, arms, hips, head and torso but no matter what I try I can’t see. to get my body to get in those positions at critical points in the swing. more that likely it is years of doing things wrong and never correctly performing certain swing keys that make a solid golf swing. What I was able to do is repeat a swing over the years, that was fairly incorrect, enough that I was able to make other moves in the swing to compensate and actually hit the ball straight. Consistency of compensation led to some decent scores but not enough to consistently decent scores. What really lacks now and has gotten worse is distance and that is one of my main goals now is to make a correct swing to get a correct impact position so that I can maximize my chances of increasing my distance. 

All this being said, I have a lesson today for the first time in my life. That is a little crazy to me. What was I thinking waiting this long to get some help. I have found a local pro and I will be getting a lesson around 1pm today. A friend of mine I was venting to about my golf woes suggested I do it. It’s kind of funny that when he mentioned it, it sounded like he does it fairly frequently and he thought maybe I was but just hadn’t been in a while. Kind of like he thought I needed to go back for another tune up. Well, in my mine I need and overhaul. I feel a little crazy because, I am not completely sure why I haven’t done this sooner. Maybe it’s a little bit of pride that I somehow don’t need help and can figure it all out on my own. I am also a bit nervous that somehow I have to show this guy that I am better than I am. why would I need to do that? If I was better than I was I wouldn’t need a lesson. What’s even more crazy is there is a small area in the back of my mind that hopes I don’t improve so that I won’t feel bad about waiting this long to take a lesson which will probably make me better. Could I have done this 20 years ago and have been shoo better scores all this time? Is there something wrong with brain. How ridiculous is that?

At this point it mostly comes down to pride. Pride is a B&#@$%. Why do I let myself get caught up in that. It seems like there are certain things I just don’t want to ask for help on and all it does is create frustration and anger when I can do it right in my own way. That is crazy. Maybe I am crazy. Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. “‘Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.’ (NLT Proverbs 11:2)” I need to humble myself and accept the fact that I don’t know everything and need help more than I want to admit. Finally scheduling that lesson is admitting I need help. Be humble or you will live a life of disgrace frustration and anger. 

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