In Memoriam: Arnold Palmer

The legendary Arnold Palmer passed away at the age of 87. Beloved by his legions of fans as Arnies Army, ‘The King’ won 62 PGA TOUR events and made an everlasting impact on the game of golf.

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36 Replies to “In Memoriam: Arnold Palmer”

  1. RIP….Arnold… will ALWAYS be …" The King ".  No one in golf will ever be able to fill your shoes.  You were America's hero….on and off the course.  God Bless You…Arnie.

  2. He was the king of the world on so many Sundays, but he went out in a big pharma commercial with Kevin Nealon. Marie Antoinette's head didn't fall that far.

  3. Thanks…..I've always looked up to Mr. Palmer and try hard to live my life by his example, though I fail all too often. Great tribute and I hope he's smiling about it right now. An example for all of us.

  4. You will be missed Mr. Palmer. I was at the 2014 Masters and saw you. I didn't get a chance to say hello but I do remember the impact you left on all those people who you signed autographs for. Humble and patient, you are what we all should thrive to be. Sincerely, Gabe

  5. The way he was, the way he did it, and the way it should be done-Arnold Palmer was all this, and then some-a true gentleman, a professional athlete who walked the walk and talked the talk-no BS, no frills, no showboating-he was a true icon, and he will be missed by so many, and to him-Rest well, our friend-you will always be loved by all of us : (

  6. It's sad to see a young boy become a man and then on to become a old man and everything inbetween, and then pass. Life's too short.

  7. RIP Arnie. My dad watched your game on TV many times. Dad loved golf. Dad has been gone for 31 years. He'll be happy to see you in heaven.

  8. Resting in Peace. Waiting upon the promised resurrection back to life on earth.
    See you at the turn, Mr. Palmer. Once you are brought back to life by your great God of the Bible.

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