Inexpensive Summer Dates – 2/10 – Bethany Jayne

During the summer, spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend can become expensive when planning days out. So I’ve decided to create a series of inexpensive dates that I have already done with my boyfriend (Adam) or planning to do in the summer to help you with some fun ideas. I will be blogging 10 date ideas.

Strawberry Picking.

One date that Adam and myself have recently done is gone strawberry picking. Pick Your Own is a farm that grows all kinds of fruit and vegetables which you can pick yourself and buy if you so wish. This was only a short drive so wasn’t expensive to get to. We decided to go mid June, this meant that there was a limited amount of fruit that we could pick as they had not fully grown yet. We decided to pick a whole punnet of strawberries which we could then take home and have with cream, they were not too expensive, at about 50 strawberries for £4.80. After we picked the strawberries we decided to go for a walk through the farm, the weather was perfect which was an added bonus.  This is a date that we would 100% do again in august when there is a larger variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from.

   Mini Golf.

Mini golf is the perfect summer date, especially if it is nice weather. Me and Adam are very competitive when it comes to sports, so golf is a great opportuinity for me to show off my “amazing” skills. We have played mini golf twice, the first time I planned a surprise day out to Arundel where we played 18 hole golf, had a picnic and went for a walk. Unfortunately I was 1 point defeated by Adam, but i guess its the taking part that counts. Our second time was at Out of Bounds, where i managed to beat Adam this time around. This golf was a little more expensive than the one in Arundel, although it was more difficult and fun due to the obstacles in the way. We are now on the hunt to find another golf course where I will definitely beat Adam again.


 I hope I have given you some cute ideas for dates that you can do with your boyfriend/girlfriend in the summer.

Beth x

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