Is it wrong for NFL owners to prohibit national anthem protests? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Is it ok for NFL owners to forbid players from kneeling during the national anthem? Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd discuss.
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22 thoughts on “Is it wrong for NFL owners to prohibit national anthem protests? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Marco Clarke

    Does this guy realize that Colin Kapernick has been doing this protest since the preseason and the conversation is still on going so how the heck is it ineffective

  2. Galaxie1967 Ford

    Very interesting segment by Whitlock. The NFL is Sports King, that's no accident. Why??? How many nfl players could answer that question accurately in all its layers?

  3. Aaron Hernandez

    Rush Limbaugh should have been the owner of the Rams, that way, Jeff Fischer would have been fired by now.

  4. Awesome Card Games

    Jason and Colin do not understand why these protest must take place during the national anthem. It is the best way to gain attention for a cause and create a conversation about the problems in this country.

  5. Kerry Jackson

    Does he know, internationally, basketball is more popular than football?? Whitlock is acting like a child who can't have his way then pout's..

  6. M. Dargan

    Wow Whitlock, REALLY! The NBA is underachieving? I think your issue is all you see is Football and nothing else. And while NFL Football is king here in the US, it is non-existent internationally. Basketball is GLOBAL!! The NFL as tried and FAILED overseas. Any true fan can get that!! And yes Sir, I do understand the game!

  7. Roland Kennedi

    I used to like Whitlock or think his opinions were well thought out but now i see that almost EVERY position he takes is pro establishment / anti protest, anti progress as it relates to perceived injustices or inequalities so that can't be a coincidence. I'm convinced he's cooning big league now.

  8. Mark Ortiz

    I take exception to Jason's assertion that the supposed owner's thoughts (about protesting) are…. " It ain't moving me. It ain't moving the other people who are really making decisions in this country."Jason, EVERY SINGLE media outlet is talking about these protests. It's one of the reason you are getting paid as of late, though you'll probably state the obvious you don't need to talk about this,. You are paid to talk about whatever but guess what, you keep talking about this. These protests and what they represent are at the forefront of conversation so sorry Jason, chances are these so-called decision makers are taking note. What's going on as of late is the right, left,  the middle in this country are holding up a big collective mirror in self-reflection about Black Lives Matter, police conduct, Trump, immigration, Mulsims, the Steve Clevenger's, white's feeling scared, minorities feeling empowered, LeBron's presidential endorsement, what do Trump supporters mean by Making America Great Again, and NOW….white billionaire owners trying to shut down their socially conscious players from shedding light on this country's disparities between the haves and the have nots, those with the mic and those without a voice.

  9. bigblack7x3

    basketball is far more successful globally, so don't ever say football is more successful. Just saying basketball is most likely the second most played sport in the world


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