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Like every golf fan, I’ve been enthralled by Tiger’s comeback this year. Sometimes I’ve fast forwarded through recorded PGA tour play on Sky sports just to watch his shots, even though the fields at Torrey, Rivera and this week at Honda have been stellar. He simply moves the needle like no one else.

Watching his tees shots are particularly exciting as you have no idea what’s going to happen. It could be 350 down the middle or 100s of yards offline. Since Torrey Pines he’s been wielding Taylormade’s latest driver offering – the M3 . This got me thinking, is Tiger really using an M3 with twistface technology?

Woods is famously pernickety when it comes to his equipment. He’s used the same shafts in his irons since the beginning of his career. Another illustration of this is that he’s yet to transition in to any Taylormade irons since switching into the company last year. Instead he wields his  ‘Tgr’ blades made by Nike before they exited the hardware industry.

This pernickety nature suggests it’s hard to believe that Tiger is using an M3 with twistface technology. This tech claims to dramatically alter the face by bending the toe open to limit the damage of toed hooks and closing the heel to prevent short spinny shots to the right. It fundamentally changes the bulge and roll faces which have been on drivers since the 19th century.

Surely Tiger would refuse a face which is different to any driver he’s ever used in his career if he refuses to switch out iron shafts? He’s made a very good living off bulge and roll! Moreover, surely pros want consistency from year to year in how they hit their drivers?

Rick Shiels in his review of the M3 noted how twistface could hurt players who use bulge and roll to shape their shots. These pros play for the added draw that comes from hitting a ball from the toe and vice versa on the heel with the fade. I remember from a clinic given by Tiger in the early 2000s, which is visible on Youtube, that he shapes the ball this way. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely he would put this tech in play.

There were always rumours when Tiger was at Nike that he used Miura or Mizuno blades stamped with the swoosh in tournament play.Is it therefore beyond comprehension that he’s using his own version of M3?bThat’s why I’m throwing this question out there to you all. Do you think tiger is using a genuine M3 with twistface or a customised driver with M3 branding?

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