Is Tiger Woods Buying TaylorMade?!

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In this week’s Tech Tuesday we look at the rumours that Tiger Woods is poised to buy TaylorMade golf as part of a private equity group.


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29 thoughts on “Is Tiger Woods Buying TaylorMade?!

  1. Chip Satterly

    Hi Peter!!
    How about a review of the Wishon Sterling single length golf clubs?
    I don't think Puma's are out until early 2017.
    You will have a HUGE number of VIEWS!
    Several pro instructors (including the well known Paul Wilson) are actually playing with the Wishon clubs now.
    Would really like to see what you , Rick and James think of them and spec them out!

  2. JDoll Golf

    Adams DHY… 100% a better players hybrid but it has been my favorite club in the bag for 3 years since it has been out. I've seen them for $35-$40 USD. But anything Adams is amazing

  3. Matthew Dumble

    I currently play a Callaway Apex hybrid, and I've always been a big fan of their hybrids over the past 5 years. The X2 Hot & XR Hybrids are very easy clubs to hit well, particularly for higher handicappers.

  4. Warwick Bruce White

    How about the option of comming down to New Zealand over your winter our summer and giving the New Zealand open a shot, Tiger did not win it but played in it a few years back

  5. Logan Kelch

    I carry a 7 wood over a hybrid… I hit it better and about the same distance depending on what loft hybrid you were gonna get.

  6. fezzer

    Regarding shortening a driver, if you have a Taylormade R15 up to M1/2 in driver/3 wood or any combo, you can try out a 3 wood shaft in the driver head if you have a adjustable wood/driver. It would make the overall length of your driver between 44/44.25 inches.

  7. David Boddy

    Hybrid – I had as my first hybrid a Taylormade RBZ, actually called a rescue, I hated it, 80% of shots with it were VICIOUS hooks, HORRIBLE, I got rid of it and got a Nike covert 2.0 tour #3 Hybrid (had gotten rid of my TM driver and 3 wood and replaced with Nike coverts, original ones) the 2.0 hybrid is amazing! Simply an outstanding club, love to hit it, all personal choice of course but I will never touch a TM rescue/hybrid, hook machines! Can't speak of other brands.

  8. Andrew Devine

    Been looking at buying some Nike irons. Does anybody know if the price will fall after Nike announced are not going to continue producing clubs? I don't want to spend £400+ if the price will crash?!

  9. Stijn De Schepper

    I don't agree with you on lob wedge for most amateurs. They will cause problems. Amateurs will tend to top it and since you need a very big swing for a small distance, topping will be a disaster.

  10. tatchy1001

    Not surprised Adidas want to sell Taylormade. They have an enormous tour budget in order to purchase their driver count etc and as soon as other companies especially Callaway took their market share in sales they wanted rid of TM

  11. Jason Boyea

    Bobby Jones Hybrids by Jesse Ortez are some of the best clubs I have ever hit.  Great Price, low profile, easy to launch, and great feel.    Jason. 3 handicap.

  12. aaronaton

    Nah he'll go for Miura, why would he want to look like he been dragged through an American golf shop? Its not like he needs the money, if he goes for some shitty generic american brand, he'll just been doing them a favour.

  13. Alan Waterworth

    great point well made about range vs course play. I dont usually have much trouble off the tee and am hitting the fairway 70-80% of the time, and distance is good, around 280-320 yards (not bad for a 50 year old with a busted shoulder) but it´s the 50 yard-in shots that let me down, where I can´t hit a full shot, and have lately had a run of hugely frustrating shank shots when pitching from around 50 yards (a couple of weeks ago in comp, about 45 yds off the green from the tee, par 4, still took 7!! to get up and down, after shanking my way around the green.. argh! ) any suggestions? cheers Pete, keep up the good work.

  14. Daniel Sprinkle

    I can't wait for Taylormade to release their new line of Tiger Woods. The Tiger driver and 3 wood. I'd buy them.


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