Jesse Lopez & Patty Vo 2017 US Open

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18 thoughts on “Jesse Lopez & Patty Vo 2017 US Open

  1. my2cents2u

    I've watched an incredible amount of dancing, for many years. That lift @ 1:30 is one of the most incredible moves I've ever seen in ballroom. Spectacular.

  2. DanceJudge

    What was their result? What placement? This is good!
    Great lifts,. Beautiful costume , sexy shoes, fitness, skills & technique. I wish more of the women followed Patty's example of how to look like a competitive dancer.

  3. Jenifer Swanson

    What is with these remixes? I just watched another video with a need of 90s rap in 2016… I just don't get it. And that dress… Kind of a weird "skirt"

  4. Meadow Apple

    Nice dancing and yet another failure for a couple to dance WCS to a SWING song. Just hustle or take the routine to a Hustle event. There should be NO place for Hustle in a Swing event. But the sad trend by most is to F up WCS by dancing to hustle music. But since the DJ's (damn them) play hustle all night the dancers adapt. The crap started long ago. Great dancers using Cha Cha to swing to…Love Potion #9 for example…Just Cha Cha to it or stay off the floor. No wonder the US Open has never been recognized as great dancing…not even by other events…


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