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Jim Furyk and his junior Mike Cowan

There are only a few cadets on the PGA Tour or anywhere in the world as well known and respected as Mike 'Fluff' Cowan. The long-time cadet is currently on the bag for golfer Jim Furyk, has spent time with some big names and has excelled in his work for over 40 years.

We will delve deeper into Cowan's career and life, which is still doing an impressive job while many people over 70 would probably have chosen to retire. But for 'Fluff' Cowan, he seems to love too much what he does.

Mike Cowan's nickname "Mike Fluff" comes from other caddies

One of the biggest mysteries of all is how Mike Cowan got the nickname "Fluff," but it was his caddies comrades. According to Jason Crook GolfChannel.com, he deserved it because of his resemblance to former professional golfer and broadcaster Steve Melnyk, who bore the same nickname.

Links Magazine's Adam Schupak had already told Cowan about this nickname and the cart gave him a glimpse of it.

Two Florida shopping carts – Eddie Davis and Eddie Fletcher – named me after Steve Melnyk. His nickname in college was Fluff. They started calling me Short Fluff, and very quickly it was shortened to become Fluff. I do not know why they started calling me that. I think they were trying to get my goat because Steve Melnyk was not exactly the most handsome man.

Cowan was on the sack of the Masters win in 1997 by Tiger Woods

Mike Cowan Tiger Woods

GettyMike 'Fluff' Cowan and Tiger Woods

In one of the most memorable victories in history in the Masters, Tiger Woods broke the pack with 12 shots. This marked his first professional career championship and Cowan was Woods' youngest for this event. He also worked for Tiger during his professional debut at the Greater Milwaukee Open in September 1996.

The duo stayed together until 1999, when Woods separated from Cowan. The caddy talked about Woods' dominance in the Masters win with Links Magazine.

Just look at it to disassemble this course with its length and putter. Watch him hit corners in the 15th hole. I do not think that has ever been done. The 30 shots we fired Thursday in the back of the ninth was just an incredible way to get back from a bad score in the top nine; transform what could have been 75 or 76 or who knows what in 70 sets the tone for the whole week. I do not know what this has to do with anything, but by walking to the 10th tee, I said something to the effect that it's nothing more than the beginning of a long tournament. Let's get something in the red and everything will be fine, and from there, he dominated this golf course.

Mike Cowan has cadded for Jim Furyk since 1999

Jim Furyk Mike Cowan

GettyJim Furyk and Mike 'Fluff' Cowan

Shortly after Cowan's separation with Woods, the caddy was hired by Furyk and the first event for the duet took place at the 1999 Masters. Furyk won a major victory in his career at the 2003 US Open with Cowan on the bag, an event that the 48-year-old athlete won by an impressive three shots.

During his professional career, Furyk has won 17 PGA tournaments, including 14 with Fluff as a cadet. This included not only the American Open, but also a Tour Championship victory against Luke Donald in 2010.

Since Cowan and Furyk have partnered, the golf professional has ranked 17 times in the top 10 among the major events of the 2018 season.

Cowan caddy for Michelle Wie, Lydia Ko

Mike Cowan Michelle Wie shopping cart

GettyMike Cowan and Michelle Wie

At the time Michelle Wie was 13 years old and was a big golf enthusiast, Cowan had a week off to work with Furyk because of an injury suffered by the professional. He then qualified for Wie at a tournament in 2004. But that was not his only step in women's golf.

As Will Gray from GolfChannel.com revealed, Cowan was also on the bag for No-No. 3rd place Lydia Ko at the opening of US 2014. Just a week after Furyk was 12th at the event, he jumped to work with her at Pinehurst.

"I personally think he's more famous than me," said Ko. "I was walking with David Leadbetter, Mike and me, and a lot of people were asking for their autographs."

Mike Cowan is a member of the Cadet Hall of Fame

Mike Cowan caddy

GettyMike 'Fluff' Cowan

Cowan is not only a member of the Cadet Hall of Fame, but he has taken this honor and continued to work tirelessly. His induction date dates back to 1999, which means that he has continued to work as a caddy for about 20 years since.

Even before Woods and Furyk, tour professionals were very successful with Cowan, including Peter Jacobsen. The duo won the tour six times together on the Caddy Hall of Fame website.

A native of Winslow, Maine, Cowan began his caddy career in the late 1970s after leaving his professional assistant position in a private club in his home country. He worked briefly for Ed Sabo before working with Peter Jacobsen from 1978 to 1996. Cowan and Jacobsen won six PGA TOUR victories together before separating.

Cowan's career has been impressive so far. He and Furyk are still very successful at the start of the 2019 season.

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