Johnson City will host the disc golf world championships


Disc golf tournament coming to Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, TN – The Professional Disc Golf Association recently announced that the Disc Golf Masters World Championships will be held in Johnson City and surrounding communities next year. This weeklong event will begin in August and will feature professional golfers chatting in male and female divisions according to age, for world championship titles.

Tim Barr of the Warriors Lakefront Disc Golf Club and the Johnson City Convention as well as the Visitors Bureau collaborated to present Johnson City's proposal to host the event. According to a press release, it is the second time that these two organizations collaborate. The first took place in 2017, when Johnson City hosted the United States National Women's Golf Championship, the largest golf event ever held with 158 players representing six countries.

Michael Downes, Director of Operations, PDGA, said, "Johnson City has demonstrated the dedication, expertise and determination to organize a phenomenal event, and their efforts have been proven in 2017 with the holding of the US National's National Championship. The future of PDGA's big events is promising and we must thank communities like Johnson City. "

The event next year should bring together more than 300 athletes, family members, friends and fans. The event will begin on August 22nd and will take place on August 29th. Attendees can expect to attend a duplicate game, field events, multiple singles tours, and fundraising events to create an annual "take-away golf" day.