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Jordan Spieth Chicken Wing Golf Swing Weekly Fix with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. In this weeks show Mark talks about how Jordan Spieth makes his chicken wing functional in his golf swing to make him one of the best players in the world. Enjoy this video from Mark Crossfield with tips and advice to help improve, learn and hit better golf shots.

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20 thoughts on “Jordan Spieth Chicken Wing GSWF

  1. jcrown7

    you've been reading/ watching kelvin miyahira's stuff. except he's done it over many years of research involving ultra slow motion camera (100,000 frames per second) and how the body moves.

  2. Ornby1

    Hi Mark , Mike Austin as early as the 1960s ,was a pioneer in trying to educate the golfing community to learn the correct Anatomical terms for motions of the joints and therefore avoid confusion while teaching the golf swing ..he'd be proud of you!

  3. MrVols

    I actually do a chicken wing follow through too. Not on purpose, in fact I've actually tried to change it but can't. Oh well, if it's not broken, don't fix it.

  4. Garth Garthly

    I definitely enjoy this kind of video. I want to understand the golf swing better. By the way I am also interested in clubhead speed. I radically improved mine simply by keeping my hands far from my neck. Good hint for someone over 65.

  5. Barlow260

    weak grip has a tendency to go right and chicken wing has a tendency to go right. there must be a twist / turn for it to go straight?

  6. Joao Neto

    Mark, nice video. But could you try and answer the question: why does Jordan opt to do it like that? Do you think he sees any advantadge in it? Thanks

  7. josh brown

    great video Mark. such and interesting topic. i was watching lexi thompson swing earlier and find her jump at the point of impact so different especially being one of the top women golfers in the world. anyway would love to hear your thoughts on that. also please bring yourself and the boys down under soon and see you hit some of our beautiful courses. cheers

  8. Craig Monty

    I'm finding this info very interesting but more so because its confirming that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Everyone is unique and these videos are showing that you don't have to conform to the normal (dare i say, fundamental) positions in order to achieve playable numbers.

    In saying that, I think this info would be a brain overload in a lesson, but for educational purposes, it's very interesting.

  9. Adam Flynn

    what do u think the benefit of this is to his swing? it looks a "weak" way to swing the club and spieth isnt the most accurate from the tee…would u try to modify his grip and swing or let it be? i think if it were me i would try take the funky chicken move out but then spieth aint doing too bad is he?

  10. michael cummings

    Hey mark , love the video. I've always hit a high fading shot and been trying to fix it all summer. I just recently found that I cup my wrist toward me on my swing which caused my club face to be open at the strike. Never knew how much wrist angle affected ball strike. Thanks.

  11. dennis Benson

    Mark, I am a natural lefty swinging right-handed as Speith and played a very weak grip for many yrs. easy to hit the low stinger with the flat wrist but I think perhaps a bigger question.. how being a left sided player vs a right sided player..affects how we feel the swing? Certainly other lefty that played righty, Johnny miller, Curtis strange,
    Also , amazing ball striker with a bent left arm…Lee Westwood.. How his grip and wing combo is different from Jordan's. Love the videos…long time viewer from Kansas City


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