No one has ever accused Tom Brady of taking the defeat of the Patriots too lightly. Apparently, the fiery quarterback was no less competitive in a round of golf against a triple major winner.

Jordan Spieth won the 2015 Masters with a ridiculous record of 18 wins tied for the Tiger Woods tournament. On "The Dan Patrick Show," Spieth recalled another winning round at Augusta National, which is a two-game match against Brady.

"I'm a big fan of TB12, a big fan of Tom," noted the 25-year-old before telling the story.

Our guy @ JordanSpieth tells a great story about playing against the highly competitive Tom Brady at Augusta on @dpshow.

– Andrew Perloff (@andrewperloff) February 8, 2019

The quartet was supposed to have fun, but the walk among the magnolias ended with Brady, who treated his star-stud athlete to silent treatment.

"We had a two-on-two game and I ended up stealing the 18th," said Spieth. "He had a stroke on the 18th. I touched him there a few feet away, and he approached it almost too close to the green and tried to hit a flop shot, the only thing I could do. 39, left in the bunker, then made bogey. The match was tied, so I won. He made a bogey, I made a birdie for a reversal with two shots on the last one.

And you're supposed to go to Augusta and, you know, have lunch and go out. And he did not say a word for an hour and a half. I want to say, the more competitive, for example, I feel very competitive, and it's the most competitive human being I've ever met. "

Brady was not completely still that day. Spieth remembered that the quarterback was very talkative when Brady and his teammate made a comeback on the back nine. Then Spieth decided to watch Brady as he hit with a 3-foot putt to seal the victory.

"It probably did not help the cause," he laughed.

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