Justin Rose signs an agreement on clothing with Bonobos


Justin Rose begins the year 2019 with a whole new look after signing an agreement on clothing with the Bonobos men's clothing company. This comes just two days after the announcement of the signing of a 10-year equipment contract with Honma Golf for the world's second-ranked player and reigning FedEx Cup champion.

"I feel like I've moved to a brand where I have not lost anything in terms of technical performance, but who has gained a lot more from the fashion side," Rose said. "I can have so much more fun with my closet and with my look in the way I want to express myself without losing anything from the performance point of view."

Rose says that he adheres to the motto "look good, feel good, play well", which usually materializes in traditional cuts and colors that give him an extra boost of confidence by walking up to the first tee. The Olympic gold medalist describes her style in a clean, classic and comfortable way.

"Navy has always been a staple and an asset to me when I think about doing the job. [on the golf course]Said Rose. "One of my favorite shirts is a navy blue shirt with white palm trees. He always looks very smart and elegant, but he has a little more cheerfulness, which I had never had before.

The golfer sponsored by Adidas clothing and equipment TaylorMade discovered Bonobos during a trip to New York about five years ago and is since a fan.

Bonobos has been a player in the world of golf apparel since its launch in 2011, but has not yet officially sponsored a professional golfer. The men's clothing company, known for its clean cut and custom cut parts, was acquired by Walmart in 2017.

Bonobos general manager Micky Onvural said the brand was working to reinvigorate its golf category to bring new thinking and innovation to the overall golf market. From a technical point of view, the branded golf baskets are endowed with a UPF 50 sun protection integrated in polyester or poly-blend fabrics. The gripping belt of the shirt that provides good hold is a critical factor in what has popularized the brand for golfers. The pants cost between $ 88 and $ 128 and the shorts retail, between $ 68 and $ 98.

While the brand is known for its shorts and pants, the offer of golf polos is elegant and elegant, with quality motifs. In the golf category, the M-Flex Flatiron golf polo ($ 68) offers sun protection, stretch panels and a classic look. The spring collection, launched on January 7, is expected to add new prints and new colors to the line.

"One of the major tenants of the brand is the ability to give men the confidence to express themselves," Onvural said. "We are delighted that Justin has managed to find such a fit in all our products … but he is also able to express his personality through fun colors and prints as you begin to see him." carry."

To celebrate her transition of clothes, Rose takes this opportunity to organize the closet to make room for her new Bonobos wardrobe.

"At the moment, I'm 100% bonobos in my closet," Rose said. "Everything I've worn over the years has come out and I'm starting new with 2019. It's a rather liberating feeling."

Aged 38, the 38-year-old admits he's become a collector when it comes to clothes, eliminating almost 70 pants and almost as many dress shirts. Rose is proud of her closet. At the top of his Christmas list this year? Wooden hangers – a gift that he was disappointed not to receive. Nevertheless, he views his closet as one of the "staggering factors" of his home in the Bahamas.

"It's pretty organized just because I share it with my wife," Rose said. "You see [inside] the closet when you enter the bedroom, so it must look good. It's both practical and functional, so there's a little extra pressure to keep it in order. "

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Rose says his closet feels a lot cooler and has certainly become brighter with all the new Bonobos colors and prints. It will probably stay a little wiser on the course but did not rule out wearing the brand's Hawaiian Riviera shirt, short-sleeved ($ 88).

"I think there could be a moment and a place for that," Rose said. "I like some of the bold prints proposed by Bonobos and, obviously, that fits my lifestyle in the Bahamas, so maybe I'll try to bring some of that to golf."

Rose will debut later this month at the Desert Classic in Palm Springs. He will also be equipped with elegant Bonobos offers for events and appearances, as well as appearing in the brand's marketing and social media initiatives.

He unveiled some of his remarkable new looks in this brand introduction video. We would like to be able to wear one of these sports coats on the golf course.