Justin Thomas Has Fan Kicked Out: SORRY!

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By Jason CrookFebruary 26, 2018, 2:10 pm
Justin Thomas won his eighth PGA Tour victory over the weekend, outlasting Luke List in a playoff at the Honda Classic. But the win wasn’t the only thing golf fans were discussing after the event.

The reigning PGA Tour Player of the Year, who has been very vocal about “unacceptable” fan behavior behind the ropes in recent weeks, helped get one fan kicked out of the Honda Classic for rooting (very loudly) against him, shouting – after Thomas had swung – for his shots to find hazards.

On-course microphones caught Thomas confronting the fan and asking for him to be removed after teeing off on the 16th hole.

“I don’t want to kick someone out just to kick them out. It’s just so inappropriate. We’re out here trying to win a tournament. … Just because you’re standing behind the ropes doesn’t mean that you can – I don’t care how much I dislike somebody, I’m never going to wish that kind of stuff upon them,” Thomas said after the round. “I felt it was inappropriate, so he had to go home.”

But the 24-year-old was singing a slightly different tune Monday on Twitter. After receiving plenty of backlash from those who didn’t think the fan’s heckling had crossed the line, Thomas apologized to anyone offended by his actions and admitting that he felt bad about overreacting and having the fan removed from the event.

22 thoughts on “Justin Thomas Has Fan Kicked Out: SORRY!

  1. Ian Boots

    Kick the wanker out and all who scream "get in the hole" or any other moronic comments just so the can hear themselves on replay later

  2. Vlaid65

    Nobody likes it when people are jerks around them. It is inappropriate the heckle people during professional golf tournaments where concentration is a prime currency. He behaved like an idiot and received an appropriate reward for his actions. Case closed.

  3. O. G.

    Imagine if Tiger kicked out everyone who said something negative towards him?

    This guy wont be able to hang with the Big Cat on a Sunday if he's like this with one rowdy fan/asshat.

  4. Kayak Bandits

    Typical behavior of the times we live in. Disrespectful snowflake millennialist brats. They are loud and obnoxious and only want to be heard on tv. Thx Happy Gilmore.

  5. widndn

    I agree, some fans are jerks, buuuuut, Justin, be a grown up and deal with it quietly. Not everyone is going to love you.

  6. Baxter Lumley

    I think it's great JT you for the rite thing at Honda and I have to say you probably gained more fans than you lost I mean look at me I never followed you before now but I will be now

  7. Stephen Wallace

    Irrespective of Justin Thomas' request, the spectator has only himself to blame – buying a ticket to the tournament does mean he can behave that way. He was probably in breach of the ticket entry conditions.

  8. Frank Rivera

    Didn't even knew that happened. What a baby. I mean come on, he wasn't cursing or being malicious. Just having fun. JT is a little bitch now in my book…

  9. Scott Willi

    Vijay Singh would have fans removed when people would bark things out all the time. No story here if you ask me. Its a good thing it wasn't Augusta.

  10. The Tick

    So every fan in a NBA game that roots for the other team must leave for voting against. Appearently he believes in a Communist country and not the freedom that the United States provides. He can go play in the euro league. He should pay for hit ticket and dinner. He basically turned into a rich spoiled little biotch.

  11. Alan Collins

    These people that start yelling , get it in the hole on a tee off ought to shut up too. It just gets old and just stupid.

  12. Darren Harrison

    fuck you lot with the negative comments to JT. he is trying earn a living. how would you feel if some prick came disruptive you at your work.

  13. michael

    Anyone who says they agree with him you’re just as big of a little bitch as he is. In every sport fans heckle and as a professional athlete you need to be able to over look it and play your game. Smh this is why golf gets a bad name, because a bunch of pampered princesses are the face of the sport.

  14. Paul Edmondson

    Everybody's got to apologise if somebody might be offended, FUCK OFF! If that "fan" had been pulling that shit here in UK I promise you 10 people would have been queuing up to knock him out. I would have offended him, I would have offended him till he needed a month in hospital. In our sick society a competitor in a sport which requires good spectator behaviour has to put up with a screaming moron, because if he says anything he gets reviled. Come over and play in Europe Justin, you won't have to put up with this bollocks, which incidentally only ONLY happens in the US. Get a fucking grip!


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