Justin Thomas Wins the 99th PGA Championship

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It was some kind of roller coaster ride today [Sunday] at Quail Hallow.The Leader board changed several times. It was a day of highs and lows. Golf is a game of patience and self control. Justin Thomas exemplifies these two skills. He had one heck of a Round but kept his cool throughout the whole day.  He even tipped his cap to Lady Luck on the Birdie at 10.  What transpired was simply astonishing.  His journey to winning was nothing short of epic.

It all started at the 7th Hole where he made a good birdie. He kept the same tee shot on the 8th and wasn’t about to lose a stroke. He would end up Paring the Hole. With this bit of momentum he went down the 9th Hole and Birdied it.  At this point he was still off the lead by a few strokes. And then Hole 10 happened and it was a godsend.

He got on the Green in 3 strokes but he had a difficult Putt to make. Calmly and coolly he Putted the ball, it went right up to the Cup and stopped right on the edge.  It looked like one of those missed opportunities, Justin Thomas rolled his eyes and thought that he missed it.  But then after a few long moments it rolled in. It was instantly a game changer and a pivotal moment in the day. The tides had turned in Thomas’ favor.

With the momentum on his side suddenly anything could happen. Justin Thomas was now atop the Leader board.  He made some solid shots on the dreaded 12th and 13th Holes.  He even had an amazing Birdie on the 13th and was really finding his groove.  He was now -8 with sole possession of the lead.

He played the Back 9 just perfectly, mind you this was the toughest part of the Course. He entered the Green Mile, 16th 17th and 18th, with confidence. And it was this confidence that lead him to make an outstanding tee shot over the water on 17.  He would go on to Birdie it from a distance of just a few feet.

And that would pretty much seal it for the Championship. Well done! He finished the Tournament -8 on the day, he made sure that he had some breathing room at the 18th, so he could clinch it. What an amazing Game. As I said before Golf is about patience and self control, Justin Thomas played the Course and not the Leader Board. It was something to watch!  Congratz on his first Major Tournament win!

Justin Thomas Wins the 99th PGA Championship

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