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In 1931, Baroness Karen Blixen (yes, the very Karen Blixen whom the movie ‘Out of Africa’ was about) sold her failing coffee farm to Jean Remi Martin (nope…not that Remi Martin. Jean had nothing to do with brandy except for maybe enjoying a tipple every now and then). Jean had a plan to develop the farm into a residential suburb but this sprawling wilderness fought him every step of the way.

Not only was the area remote but in the rainy season, it was nearly impossible to navigate by car. Two years later, with nothing to show for his investment, the idea to create a golf club within the estate so as to attract potential buyers came about. Jean and company knew that they had to offer something very compelling to encourage would-be golfers to make the long, arduous journey worthwhile. That’s when they settled on proper ‘greens’ as opposed to the usual drab brown courses that were on offer in and around Nairobi at the time. It might seem like a no-brainer now but in 1933, with an erratic water supply, this was a highly ambitious undertaking.


To this day, Karen Country Club is known for its wonderful greens that are maintained in the same condition all year round. With the Ngong Hills providing a scenic backdrop and some of Karen’s shade trees still dotting the property, the club is one of the most beautiful in the country. An ideal place for the whole family, Karen Country Club also has tennis and squash courts, a swimming pool and a full spa. There are two restaurants on the property (one more gourmet than the other) and adorning all the walls, you will find amazing painting by local artists that are up for sale.

For those who are keen on golf tours, Karen Country Club has to be your first port of call in Kenya. With its rich history and old-world charm, it offers something that is unmatched by any other club in the world.




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