Matt Kuchar said on Wednesday that he did not regret paying $ 5,000 to his younger brother David Giral Ortiz for the $ 1.296 million he had received for winning the Mayakoba Classic in November.

The amount has been criticized by some as being too small; Cadet offers on the PGA Tour vary considerably, but there is often an extra amount added for the top 10 results and usually a 10% bonus for a win.

Kuchar confirmed to that he and Ortiz, his replacement caddy this week in Mexico, initially agreed to pay $ 3,000 for the week with a bonus of up to $ 4,000. After the victory, Kuchar confirmed that he had paid Ortiz $ 5,000 and offered him an additional $ 15,000, which the cadet refused.

  • A temporary cadet claims that Kuchar paid him $ 5,000 after the golfer's $ 1.3 million victory at the Mayakoba Classic.

  • "It's done, listen, I have the impression of being fair and good," Kuchar told "You can not make everyone happy.You will not buy people's ability to be OK with you, and this seems to be a social media issue more than anything. should not be, knowing that there was a complete and agreed agreement that not only I met, but exceeded.

    "So, I certainly do not sleep for that, it's something I'm quite happy with, and I was really happy for him to have a good week and make a good amount of money. a good week . "

    Social media reported that the silver dispute began to surface last month as Kuchar was in the running – and eventually won – the Sony Open in Hawaii. They resurfaced this week when has published an interview with Ortiz in which he details his version of the story.

    "Matt is a good person and a great player," said Ortiz, a regular cadet at Mayakoba Resort near Cancun, who claims to earn up to $ 200 a day. He has treated me very well. I am only disappointed with the way everything is done. & # 39; & # 39;

    Kuchar, who plays at this week's Genesis Open, said he was disappointed that the story got worse.

    "It's a shame that it has become a story," Kuchar said. "I really did not think it was a story because we had an arrangement in my early days, I did enough tournaments and I have enough caddies a week, and I'm very clear. on the payment amount.And we had a Tuesday arrangement with which David was in agreement, and I thought Sunday he was okay with that.

    "I have a little feeling that, unfortunately, other people have said that he deserves something different from what we agreed on." And it's a shame that it has become a story, because it's not necessarily the case, we had a good week. "

    Bob Harig of ESPN contributed to this report.