Lawyer says 12 immigrant workers at Trump Westchester Golf Course have been fired



A dozen immigrant workers in one of President Donald Trump's golf clubs in New York who are illegally in the United States were fired this month, while leaders knew their legal status for years, Saturday announced a worker's lawyer.

While the president chanted during the partial closure of the government against illegal immigrants entering the country, a Trump national golf club official in Westchester County summoned a dozen immigrant workers to a room on Jan. 18 and dismissed, said the lawyer Anibal Romero. .

Many of them have been working at the club for at least a dozen years, he said, and officials knew that they had submitted fictitious documents, but looked away.

"It's wrong, people have been here for 12, 13 or 14 years," Romero said. He added, referring to one of the president's sons, "one of them had the keys to Eric Trump's room".

The layoffs come after employees of another Trump club in New Jersey declared themselves last month to announce that their officials had hired them, knowing that they were illegally in the country, and had even helped any of them to obtain forged documents.

The repression at the New York club was reported for the first time by the Washington Post.

The Associated Press has left messages to The Trump Organization for comments. Eric Trump described layoffs in the mail as a normal course of business.

"We are trying to identify all the employees who gave false and fraudulent documents to get a job illegally," he said. "If necessary, anyone will be immediately fired."

He added that the "system is down".

Trump has repeatedly thrown millions of immigrants into the country illegally as a plague for the health of the economy, taking jobs from American citizens. He said that they also bring drugs and crime to the border.

Trump entrusted the day-to-day management of his business to Eric and his other adult son, Donald Jr., when he was sworn in two years ago. The Trump Organization owns or operates 17 golf clubs around the world.

A man who was fired, a former Mexican interviewer hired in 2005, told The Post that he had started crying when he had been informed of the new and had begged the management to reconsider its decisions.

"I told them that they had to take us into consideration," said Gabriel Sedano. "I had given the best of myself to this job."

"I have never done anything wrong, only work and work," he added. "They said that they had no comments to make."

Romero, who also represents immigrant workers at Trump Golf Course in Bedminster, NJ, said he called the New York state authorities and the FBI to review the hiring practices. of the New York club.

"There was an attitude not to ask, not to say to the club," he said. "We ask for a full investigation."

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