Leather Golf Bags – A Variety of Styles

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When a golfer hears the term leather golf bags he usually thinks of the big bulky bags that are typically found on tour or on the back of carts at the country club. However, these bags actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet every need.

Tour / Cart Bags

These are the full size leather golf bags that you see on tour or on carts. These bags are really a small locker for all of your golfing paraphernalia. There are pockets for everything in one of these bags including balls, tees, gloves, watches, keys, phones, sweaters, and rain gear. You could even put a pair of golf shoes into one of these bags. These bags typically have a 9 "-10" diameter opening to hold more than the legally allowed 14 clubs.

However, unless you are a tour caddy you probably do not want to carry one of these bags. There can be heavy especially if they are loaded with everything mentioned above. That's why you will typically find this type of bag on the backs of carts or sometimes on a pull cart.

Executive Bags

Another category of leather bags is the Executive bag which is more of a mid-sized bag. You can carry all of your clubs in one of these but it may be a bit snug. There is usually a good size ball pocket with a place for tees and ball marks. There may be a larger pocket area where you can store the rain hood and a light jacket or sweater. These bags are re-gaining in popularity due to golfers like getting back to leather golf bags without all the weight of a full sized bag. You can easily walk a round of golf with one of these bags.

Sunday Bags

Finally, we have the famous Sunday bag. Sunday bags are typically a little smaller and really designed to hold 9-10 clubs. They are reliably light weight considering they are made out of leather. There's usually just room enough for a ball pocket to keep your balls and tees. These are great for walking the casual round or when just trying to get 9 holes in before the sun sets. Sunday bags are often a softer bag because there is less construction inside to support the bag. This adds to the comfort and carrying ease of the Sunday bag.

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