Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers need Packers couples therapy | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock debate whether the Packers or Seahawks should be more concerned early in the season.

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5 thoughts on “Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers need Packers couples therapy | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Sports Fan Entertainment

    Did this clown just blame the Seattle defense? They let up NINE points yesterday. NINE. Wow, L for Whitlock.

  2. Anchovy Fishtano

    did this dude just say hes worried about the seahawk defense? The defense allowed 19 pts these past 2 games and only 1 TD. The defense thats allowed the least amount of yards these past 2 games? HOW IS A DEFENSE THAT ALLOWED 9 POINTS BROKEN? IF YOUR DEFENSE ALLOWED 9 PTS YOU SHOULD WIN THE GAME WTF. The defense is phenomenal, the offensive line on the other hand…..

  3. Disappointed Knick's Fan

    The only thing anyone can say about Aaron Rodgers is last year. Like he didn't have a Superbowl run and a few MVPs before that..


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