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That’s what I need to do at least once a week. It’s my obligation to my body, to compensate for all the toxins, alcohol and grease I shove into my piehole everyday.

Honestly, it’s not easy. It’s really tempting to stay in bed and while away the Sunday watching all sort of stuff on my phone, but I need to care for myself. No one else will.

It’s been a bit easier lately since I’ve tapered off on the alcohol and late hours. It was a lot harder dragging myself to the golf course with too little sleep and too much alcohol the night before.

So what I sweat out doesn’t have to get stuck in my kidneys and gall bladder and liver and blood vessels.

And when I do sweat I want it to be dripping, not just a sheen of shiny in the face.

I’ve been lucky so far, no lifestyle diseases yet. My grandfather had diabetes, and died at 60. My father had diabetes, and died at 55. Time to buck the trend.

So I missed golf a few days ago because I committed to a client I’d show up. I ordinarily don’t do that, but she was a special client.

I haven’t played golf this 2018, so I was remiss in my golf-once-a-week routine. So time to hit the range whether I liked it or not. The most exercise I’ve had so far was sanding down frets.

My golf swing is a fickle animal. It used to be that I couldn’t get it right no matter what I did.

Thankfully, these days, all it needed was a tweak here and there, just having good rapport with the body.

My mind would give definite goals, like distance and target, and I should allow the body to adjust accordingly.

I think it also paid off for me to rationalize the physics of the golf swing, so my swing was rooted on fundamentals rather than a random combination of body movements.

And same as in golf and guitar, there’s something new to learn everyday.

In this session I forgot my gloves, so I swung barehanded, so maybe next game I’ll try dispensing with the gloves. One less distraction.

And however I swung, I needed to post up on my left leg and swing around. And doing dry swings towards the target before every shot helped a lot.

Finally it helped the swing a lot to be more target-oriented.

So the one-hour range session was good, and I found the 2 hybrid I was looking for – a Ping G400. I didn’t buy it yet because it wasn’t in the budget yet – all of 280 dollars. Man, that’s a guitar already.

And I see parallels with golf and guitars. The more I try to be conscious of my actions the lousier I perform.

My golf goal this year?

To be better.

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