Modest Friborg collaborates with cult coach Christian Streich


BERLIN (Swing Update) – After more than seven years in Freiburg, Christian Streich is the oldest Bundesliga coach and one of the most charismatic of all.

And there is more to come.

The modest club in southwestern Germany has extended Streich's 53-year contract this week, ensuring his four-man coaching squad will stay on after the end of the season. whatever the way it ends.

Friborg is 13th in the league with 18 teams, 11 points ahead of Stuttgart in the relegation zone and 11 games to play. The team was hard to beat with just six losses in 23 games.

"In fact, I should kneel 10 times and thank my coach," said Streich, who took charge of Freiburg's Under-19 team in 1995 after the end of his racing career. player because of an injury. "But I'm not doing it because I'm thinking of the next game, how I will catch the injured players, their alignment and how to do it while leaving the players disappointed."

Streich, who has recorded almost as many defeats (85) as victories (87) in the Bundesliga, celebrated his biggest victory since winning in a 5-1 defeat at Augsburg last weekend – a result that has calmed fears of club relegation at the time. among the favorites to go down.

Streich, a former assistant coach who took the lead on December 29, 2011, oversaw a total of 242 league games. He led Freiburg to the qualifications of the Europa League in 2013, presided over his relegation to second division in 2015, and then brought him back into the Bundesliga the following season.

"We are delighted to continue our fruitful and trustworthy collaboration with Christian Streich, Patrick Baier, Andreas Kronenberg, Lars Vossler, Florian Bruns and Daniel Wolf beyond the current season," said Jochen Saier, President of Friborg . "This continuity is the result of the quality and commitment of the entire coaching team. We are convinced of all the work and want to continue to establish ourselves step by step as a Bundesliga site. "

Freiburg, sticking to the precedent, did not give the duration of the new contracts.

Much of the credit for the development of Freiburg goes to Streich who made it with limited means – the club has one of the lowest budgets in the league and tends to lose its best players every year.

"I'm fine with the structure of this club and this city," Streich said. "The people who come into the stadium are very attentive because they are happy to be in the Bundesliga and do not question everything after two defeats."

Freiburg, which plays in the Black Forest Stadium with a capacity of 24,000 places with the treetops visible from the stands, has traditionally rebounded between the first two divisions. He was promoted five times and relegated four times.

Streich, who speaks with a distinctive local accent, can often be seen gesticulating on the sidelines to communicate with his players during games. His emotions are obvious. He celebrates as a fan when the team wins and is philosophical when he loses.

"Every year you do not win, it's more likely that you have more chances to win," Streich once said, referring to the statistics.

It also maintains a humble approach to management.

"Bodyguards? I do not need bodyguards, "said Streich. "Stars have bodyguards."

Streich's accomplishments have also allowed him to be linked to jobs elsewhere. He was visibly upset last year to get elected to Bayern Munich before the Bavarian center announced that Niko Kovac will take over.

Streich has no intention of going anywhere.

"To be here today where I am," said the Freiburg coach, "is pure luxury".