My First Tournament for 2018 – Golf, Guitars and Life

Every month we have a tournament among architect golfers. I missed the ones in January and February due to work.

I would confirm attendance, and then end up cancelling just a few days before due to work.

And that’s why work is work and golf is golf.

So a supplier tournament comes around and finally I can join, my first of the year and it’s March already.

I’ve always said that if my 3 wood is cooperating I’m bound to post a good score. I shot 97, and won the match play bet. I didn’t win the tournament because it was Blind Callaway, and there’s an element of luck in winning those things.

I’m happy with my game considering I haven’t been playing much. I have no score higher than triple bogey and I had 4 pars.

Of course there were mistakes, but all aspects of my game were solid. Driving, approach, bunker play, short game, putting, everything.

One thing that stood out was my bunker play. I don’t consider my bunker play any good, but my play in this game was something.

My bunker play was much better perhaps because I focused more on the result rather than the method.

It was more like – okay, I want this ball to go this high and this far based on how it’s sitting on the sand. It wasn’t like – okay, I gotta be this forward and I’ve gotta open the clubface and let the club pass the hands at impact and so on.

Most of my bunker shots were cool shots, and I had some cool drives and 3-wood shots. And some solid pitching and chipping.

Not bad for a guy who’s barely playing once a week in all sorts of golf courses with 3 different sets of clubs.

It doesn’t eat me anymore to think how good I could have been. Some things need to take precedence over golf. I love golf, but it doesn’t define me.

Like I always say, it’s okay to suck at golf, but it’s not okay to suck at life.

And a score like 97 to me doesn’t really suck.

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