NEW 2017 Callaway GBB Epic and TaylorMade M1 Driver

In this week’s Tech Tuesday we look at two newly released images of the Callaway GBB Epic and TaylorMade M1 Drivers, the new Taylormade Milled Grind and Ping Glide 2.0 Wedges and the new 2017 Pro-V1 Golf Ball.


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30 thoughts on “NEW 2017 Callaway GBB Epic and TaylorMade M1 Driver

  1. Tony Rock

    Your right Pete. I'm sitting back thinking, "yeah, I'm good with the driver I have now" Not motivated to buy new stuff. Thanks for the review.

  2. Marc css

    Clearly golf club makers are getting DESPERATE to differentiate their products from the competition…How many more model years will they say the same things? "More of this and more of that, less of this and less of that" yet we are not hitting 500 yard average drives, because of the MOI limits….If computers had "advanced" at the same rate as golf equipment, then computers would still be the size of a desk and have less memory than a goldfish….

  3. Marc css

    I also vote for a review of the Kirkland Signature 4 piece ball from Costco…Do you even have Costco in the UK? Maybe the same ball is sold by a different company there?

    Would enjoy seeing an annual "ball off" where you (and perhaps Rick) hit the top 20 selling golf balls in the world….Obviously hit the same # of shots with each ball…And hit each ball with a driver, mid iron and wedge, as well as a feel and roll test with the putter-DO some balls tend to wander offline more than others when struck with the putter?

    Maybe a connected video where you putt with different style putters than you'd normally use and record your percentage of one putts, versus your misses and see if there is a trend to the misses that "sinks" up with the style of putter…Do you leave more putts short with a blade versus a mallet or push more with a face balanced putter vs toe hang?

    And round out the year with some crazy golf challenges…Maybe do a couple challenges a la "Me and My Golf" Such as trying to play golf in shorts and a t-shirt in the UK in December! 😉

    OR, play a round of golf with NO grips on your clubs at all……

  4. Janet Taselaar

    Wedges look really nice love the Mizuno's T7, love the TM woods, wish they are available, in the current version with a different shaft option shaft they aren't available anymore, any ideas about the release date's?

  5. Ron Judd

    Is it true that most driver 'improvements" are purely cosmetic and insignificant because all tech changes are limited by the rebound factor rules?

  6. edwin lambley

    You are Bang On with the comment regarding the development of the golf ball being a "Game Changer" over the last 15-20 years. Strange how people will buy a new driver @ £300+ or new set of hit it further irons or super milled putter BUT are reluctant to spend more money on a ball that will give them more control on approach shots into a green (I guess it's because you loose or have to replace a ball so are looked at as consumables rather than clubs that are equipment) Keep your driver, have lessons, replace a wedge every year (so 3 over 3 years), practice and then look at your handicap after a season but winter is a fantastic time to practice.

  7. MissyLaMotte

    And Callaway just announced even more clubs … the BigBertha Beta family. As a software developer I have to say that that name is even worse. It sounds unfinished. A product in beta state is not quite ready to be released to the general public yet. I'd rather go Epic than Beta, truth be told. But in any case Callaway is suffering from TMCR syncrome (too many club releases)

  8. Utilizeweb Company

    Pete please u r a taylormade man. Did u not get invited to taylormade in USA. Give callaway a go mate just in case TM takes M1 away from u. Know wat I mean? Balanced opinion please.

  9. Tony Westwell

    Cannot wait for the new M2 as that will make the current M2 price point drop. Cleveland wedges are my favorite ones. Golf balls, buy what you can afford to loose as this can be quite an unforced extra expense in the golfing year, especially if you play a lot of courses where I do (in austria) as most have water on them.

  10. David Arends

    I think Callaway is trying to take too much of TM's thunder. Callaway is already #1 on the market for irons, and I think they are trying to "steal" people from TM by releasing more and more drivers

  11. Keith Nicholls

    I was lucky enough to trial the Titleist Test balls last weekend and noticed how much better the feel was coming off the face of my putter (an old Scotty Cameron Studio Select). It was also better in the wind, but the short game feel was, for me, the confidence booster. I'll continue with them until I lose them. Can't wait until they are available next year.

  12. Garin Stephan

    I hit the new Epic today. What A Club. The new jailbreak technology is legit. The club feels and sounds nothing like a Callaway product. in fact it sounds and feels like a taylormade. Dull thud is the best way to describe the sound, and the feel was nice in the hand. Only took 3 swings to realize we were going to stock a few in the shop in the spring, and mine is already pre-ordered. The top is like the bottom, the carbon weave is predominant. it has a deep face, similar shaping to the XR. The club I hit had a 65g Rouge shaft, club head felt extremely light. Absolutely loved everything about it.

  13. Richard Roman

    I got to test the new titleist prototype balls a really liked them. I got the red number which I think was the pro V1x. It was great in the wind and I got more distance than the older proV1x. Was able to control the ball much better than before and the short game spin/feel was great.


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