NFL ratings have declined, but it’s not Colin Kaepernick’s fault – “Speak for Yourself’

Has Colin Kaepernick’s protest caused NFL ratings to decline? Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock discuss what the causes could be.

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43 thoughts on “NFL ratings have declined, but it’s not Colin Kaepernick’s fault – “Speak for Yourself’

  1. Disappointed Knick's Fan

    Sure, blame Kaepernick for standing up for something a bunch of softies don't want to admit to, happening.

  2. OffTheWallNasty24

    People are cutting the chord. And people are waking up to the reality that the NFL is offering a poor football product. The fact that neither of them mentioned this shows how out of touch they are with the general population

  3. Tony Ashby

    Maybe it has to do with some of these rules they keep implementing. Such as the kickoff. I remember when they changed the kickoff NFL football felt alot less exciting

  4. KneeGrowObama

    Whitlock is 90% correct. The 10% he is missing is that media agenda was begun by Kaepernick and the sheep followed because they thought it was cool.


    Fantasy Football, NFL Redzone, Commercials and Military Propaganda/Flag Ceremonies. Plays the biggest role.

  6. TheeMrYoungster

    Football's core fan base are religious conservatives ? Hmm ok I can buy that. You have ritualistic violence and war games played out on the holiest day of the 7 day week. Sounds right

  7. thejasaeljehu

    Is it only me who feels that Thursday and Monday night games are hurting ratings? Those games are usually unwatchable. I would say that Kaep has nothing to do with it. He is just a citizen exercising his citizen rights. Finally as someone mentioned below, I feel like the NFL has a lot of bad teams right now. It feels weird.

  8. Evan Tjaden

    Whitlock makes best point towards the end. The sport is turning off its base (religious conservatives) to appease media leftists and progressives.

  9. Slimkidd730

    Bro its because they added more thursday night games and have become way more strict and they throw more flags now more than ever. It slows the game down and players can't even celebrate or doing anything. NFL isn't as fun anymore.

  10. Managerial Analytics

    National anthem issue is the straw that broke this camel's back. I was already leery of the linemen holding calls and the DB/Receiver holding and interference calls — i.e., the officials make these subjective calls whenever they want. So, the national anthem issue (coupled with the off-field player conduct issues) made it easy to stop watching.

  11. james harmon

    Typical reaction when a business does something like this that pisses people off. It effects their bottom line and they try to make every excuse in the book to deny the reason. All so someone doesn't have to admit they were wrong.

  12. YouHateMe

    Wait, so all these rabid, brainless football fans are tuning out football and tuning into meet the press?? lol Not buying it

  13. YouHateMe

    Fantasy football, NFL Red zone and these bogus rules against the defense all play a part in people not watching as much.

  14. dennis robison

    One day people will realize Colin Kaper has tricked them, he's plotting for himself and really doesn't care about Blacks or their cause.


    People are so stupid, i know so many people who stream live nfl games off kodi, actual cable tv ratings are down across the board!!! nba all sports are down, nfl is still whooping all sports still. Kodi android box is up in sales, people are streaming cable for free now.

  16. MasterOctagon

    I'll like to add in the fact that the NFL has killed uniqueness within its business. Nobody can wear anything other than what is allowed, no TD celebrations, No fun. That's what makes superstars and that's what makes a show.

  17. Carolina Blood

    1. Bad teams
    2. Poor officials
    3. Unnecessary expansion
    4. Getting involved with politics (even as a liberal, but pandering to SJW's)

  18. 757Watson

    Women and liberal commies have  ruined the game. Nobody watches the Superbowl for the commercials, nobody.  We would like to see a real game played by the athletes and not the referees. I have not watched the Super bowl in 3 years and will continue to do so. They kicked Tebow out of the game. They did not let the players honor the victims of 9-11-01 or the fallen police officers in Dallas . But let black millionaires complain about being oppressed not to mention espn is televising in Spanish. If the nfl wants to ruin their own livelihood then let them and save your money. Men wearing pink? Down with the Nfl and the Nba.

  19. Nolan Gleason

    the unrest which has been fomented by Obama and his anarchist agitators . The one guy who DELIBERATELY instructed people to upset  people and start fights went to the WHITE HOUSE Over 300 times. Obama has been trying to tear this country apart and this is just a symptom of it.

  20. Sway Lo

    Kap got the #FrancisScottKeyCurse thats why he and the 49ers is playing like that lol. I mean why would you want to stop watching NFL because someone didn't stand for the National Anthem, come on now. I wouldn't dare miss a throw from my bro Philip Rivers or miss a Chargers game because a player didn't stand for the National Anthem. I mean he has the right to kneel. You fans aren't real fans, you people are cry babies like Tom Brady.

  21. James Kiel

    I will not watch a single NFL game, until the NFL deals with the disrespect of America (many of my friends, of many different ethnicities, are doing the same).

  22. ChargersFanSD

    Cowerd just said it, the older guys that were good, are getting old now and the new guys aren't stepping up.


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