Novak Djokovic vs Gael Monfils Highlights ᴴᴰ US OPEN 2016
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28 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs Gael Monfils Highlights ᴴᴰ US OPEN 2016

  1. Антон Галаган

    На каком канале можно смотреть в прямом эфире трансляции тенниса?

  2. Carlos Tevez

    Monfils showed us that he isn't a true champion and will never be…hes not tough mentally and has no fighting spirit. Just come across, Kyrgios at his best will only become like this monfils-esque

  3. Paco Chuquiure

    I think that if Nole doesn't fire up his backhand and mixes it up his shots with aggression he wouldnt have a chance against an inspired Wawrinka. In other words if he listens to the stupid "percentage-becker-game-style" advices he will lose the final. Watch out Novak.

  4. loolikyl0005

    For all of you insulting Monfils, newsflash: He is playing for himself not for you! He obviously did what he could. If you are not happy, take a racket and go play in his place.

  5. 640abdalla

    Monfils wasted too much energy in the first two sets! He was clowing around, making tons of errors, changing tactics all the time not knowing which game play to apply against his opponent! You can't do that in 33c vs. the best player in the world, maybe thats one of the reason he's never beaten Novak in his career! Very disappointing end to an incredible tournament for him!

  6. Mander Éric

    Il cherche trop à faire son intéressant. C'est un joueur qui ne sert à rien au tennis français, comme Tsonga. VIVE POUILLE

  7. nlsquare

    anyone who say this match is "strange" doesn't understand it and is undermining Djokovic. Why is it strange? because it doesn't follow the fast pace hard hitting that you're used to seeing?

    monfils played normally in the beginning and wasn't doing well. His serving, hitting, returning wasn't working against the world number1. Djokovic is an excellent defensive player, he'll use your pace against you. The harder you hit, the harder it's going to come back. But his attack isn't as dangerous as say… murray or federer.

    monfils relied on his speed instead to change his tactics. He slices the shots back, take the ball off the pace into a slower game and force djokovic to create his own power shots and attack. Look at how he came back in the the first set. He forced Novak into the net and drove the ball past him. When your opponent is playing better than you, you need to figure out how to adapt differently instead of keep running face first into a wall just because that's what's "expecting" of you.

    At the start of every set, monfils goes back to playing with pace and switch it back and forth to not give novak a chance to get into his groove. And it does well to force novak to make mistakes with serves and frustrates him. That's playing smart.

    But obviously in the end, Novak was playing better so he came out on top. Maybe if monfils played better today he wouldn't have to use those shots to change the pace of the game. But that shows creative and adaptability in this game play. If he did this in the first round versus some 100 rank player then sure, call him unprofessional. But he's playing against a top player in the semi finals of the US OPEN. Is it better to try and win by your own means than to play "normal" and lose in 3 sets?

  8. volcanolam xX

    1st set is the weirdest ive ever seen. Monfils is just not stable contender forgive him there are a lot of players of his kind nowadays. He is still special tho


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