Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawrinka US OPEN 2016 Highlights (HD)

Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawrinka US OPEN 2016 Highlights (HD)
Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawrinka US OPEN 2016 Highlights (HD)
Novak Djokovic vs Stan Wawrinka US OPEN 2016 Highlights (HD)

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  1. Stan the man, never better when he's got pressure. 3 gd slam at the end of a career, what could we explain, it's just so much rare. His play stays the same but his mind like his tatoo are so different, i presume. I think about Wimbeldon now, why not, he takes the ball so early, even if Stan prefers the baseline. So, he has the best backhand of the tennis tour obviously, very strong but not so flexible than Djoko. Otherwise, he keeps a few suspense on tour, Novak staying naturally at the first place. What do you think about Fed and Rafa?
    We've got a new deal, a new tennis story. I'm waiting for your commentarys….Thanks, olivier

  2. Cuando uno observa el comportamiento de estos grandes deportistas como Novak Djokovic al perder una final de tanto prestigio con el US Open, no puedo dejar de recordar la fábula donde el escorpión ante un río crecido le pide al sapo que lo lleve en su espalda hasta la otra orilla para no morir ahogado pues no sabe nadar. El sapo al principio se niega y le argumenta que no puede llevarlo porque de seguro al llegar a salvo a la otra orilla le hincará su ponzoña. El escorpión promete no hacerlo y efectivamente al estar en la orilla deseada lo pincha con su aguijón. El sapo estupefacto antes de morir le recrimina tan innoble comportamiento y el escorpión encogiéndose de hombros le dice: Disculpa pero esa es mi naturaleza. Djokovic, humilde en las victorias y noble en las derrotas. Qué lejos está de los fanáticos argentinos al perder la copa América de Fútbol en el 2015 y 2016. Dieron pena ajena tanto los fanáticos como los narradores y comentaristas argentinos, arrojando veneno al estricto por mayor. Pero esa es su naturaleza; la arrogancia y petulancia.

  3. When you look at the behavior of these great athletes like Novak Djokovic to lose a final of such prestige with the US Open, I can not help but remember the fable where the scorpion before a swollen river asks the frog to take him on his back to other side for not drowning because not swim. The toad at first refuses and argues that it can not carry insurance because to get safely to the other side will pitch his his poison. The scorpion promises not to do it and actually being on the desired shore poked with its sting. The toad stupefied before dying recriminates ignoble behavior and the scorpion says shrugging: Excuse me but that's my nature. Djokovic, great in victories and humble in defeat. That is far from losing Argentine Soccer America Cup in 2015 and 2016. They gave sorry for others both fans and Argentine narrators and commentators, spewing venom strict wholesale. But that is their nature; arrogance and petulance.

  4. At his maximum shape and concentration on one match,Stan is unbeatable. He just never had the will, focus and ambition it takes to become number one.
    But tennisticly speaking, to me, he is the best of all times.

  5. Djokovic better switch his shoes sponsor b4 he got seriously hurt. Djokovic feets' profiles just don't fit well with addid@s' narrow front throat design.

  6. With Wawrinka, the result almost always depends on his racket! One has to be extremely optimistic and confident to go out there to play a GS final and just brutally dismantle the World no.1! He absolutely destroyed Djoker in RG finals too..3 GS finals played, 3 GS's won lol…Who in the history can boast of a record like that

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