Ohio State will make Oklahoma pay for being called ‘basic’ | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre discuss whether a backup quarterback can stir the rivalry between Oklahoma and Ohio State.

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11 thoughts on “Ohio State will make Oklahoma pay for being called ‘basic’ | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Fake Urban Meyer

    after that little comment, the guy actually might get on the field. remember what happened to Brewer from VA tech?

  2. Justin Doll

    wow a sports broadcaster that tells truth and what it really is finally never heard this from any espn anchor or any other show they all hate on osu who wins a national championship and they still didn't give no respect it still went all to Alabama even tho osu exposed them wisconsin wishagain and osu all beat the top sec teams in the last two years And they still are all about the cheating ass sec who espn cbs and the committee all is on there side and praise amd recruit for bama and sec its sad how they ignore urban meyer look at wtf he's done he does without any help and with all the hate on how bad espn always dogs them when they mess up but bama loses they all get pissed and say its ok and they never lose in rankings its a mess I love that Colin is real and admits the real truth urban meyer is the best coach and recruiter he does it alone and has no special help frim eson like saban and also if osu wasn't purposely kept out the playoffs last year would of beat the shit out of bama and someone paid someone on osu staff to purposly give zeke elliott only 2 carries to lose In the second half how tf u not give ur star rb the ball whoes healthy anyway saban sabatages and fixes things up and espn helps him its completely obvious just listen to espn next time bama loses a game they all act hurt like they don't wanna talk about it they only put osu in the playoff thinin they would get killed by bama and they can make fun of osu but nope osu exposes them then the next season they didn't respect osu still all bama bama bs and then heisman college football is a fluke fake and the moron bama fans in charge of all the top show on espn keep hyping them up I admit there really good and great good team but saban is not a urban meyer is a motivator speaker he's smart knows how to coach football and I'm just glad to hear a broadcaster say truth..I love it and honestly these anchors need to stop only talkin good about there teams

  3. Deion Gattis

    Ohio state has beaten Bama, Oklahoma Wisconsin, Michigan state, _ichigan, and Oregon all in the past 2 years… urban meyer??? Beast of a coach, best in the NCAA. So where's our respect now???

  4. Josh Porter

    Ohio State was going to make them pay regardless of what they said. Oklahoma clearly didn't have the talent to compete with Ohio State who happens to be the youngest team in the nation.

  5. elishasbones

    This is Funny to listen to after the fact…. " the best college football game of the season"… Guess you were wrong there, Colin! That Buckeye team is scary good. I just watched them beat Rutgers 58-0 and they outgained them 669-116 in yardage. J.T Barrett rated his peformance as a "B minus". 8 different guys scord touchdowns.


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