Packers should be worried about Aaron Rodgers | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock discuss whether or not Aaron Rodgers is headed downhill.

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22 thoughts on “Packers should be worried about Aaron Rodgers | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Tigerhawk1978

    Rodgers struggled in a hostile environment. So what, it's one game. This is a knee-jerk reaction. Rodgers is a 2x MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, and has the highest QB rating in NFL history. Stop pretending like he's overrated.

  2. Marco Clarke

    Aaron Rodgers is great however he's not a mount Rushmore Qb like ppl like to claim that doesn't mean he can't eventually be top 20 or 10 just calm down on the hype…he's a top 5 Qb yes but so was Phillip Rivers at one point and at the end of the day if you have two equal rosters I wouldn't rush to pick Rodgers over Rivers

  3. Pksoze

    Aaron Rodgers is no longer the best QB in the NFL at this moment. Still in 2011 he was the best QB that ever existed….he had a great arm, great accuracy, and great mobility…he could do everything right. We'll see if he continues to struggle or if by the end of the season he has another mvp.

  4. Morlee Ricks

    Way too early… As a Vikings fan, I find this ludicrous. Rodgers is a sure Hall of Famer and is just starting the season. He is fine. He didnt play a bad game last night. He did play a great defense. That matters

  5. aepr84

    is this for real??? Colin has been riding Rodgers jock for like 5 years, a little slump and he leaves the bandwagon, crazy, thats a douche move

  6. Disappointed Knick's Fan

    So, a 2 time MVP is really not that good? Colin always gets mad when guys don't criticize Aaron Rodgers and then he goes on to over exaggerate…

  7. Blacknd Mild

    Anybody else notice the correlation between the lack of emphasis on the run game and Rodgers "decline"? They need to get lacy going so teams respect the run more to set up play action and get those big plays going again, that's what made them so potent in 2014

  8. Walter Wright

    Brett Favre was pretty ad lib too. It's only a problem if it doesn't work out, and for a good long while he did really well in those situations. Look at his MVP season numbers; he is a very talented quarterback. Maybe not where he was at his peak, but still great.

  9. grinningchicken

    Disagree Aaron Rogers is great. He needs a dominate receiver. A guy who is uncoverable. The WCO isnt going to scheme its way to 35TD 10INT anymore.

  10. Is S

    Aaron Rodgers isn't a dink and dunk quarterback like Tom Brady is at this moment of his career. He's always looking to throw deep and make a big play, so he needs a wide receiver that's more conducive to his talents. Say someone like Randy Moss, of 1998: if he had him, they would be the most unstoppable duo of all time!

  11. Nick Timm

    Bahahahahaha no we need to worry about our defense. I love how Collin has waited for YEARS to say that Aaron has falling off, but last night looked like old Aaron. You can't blame a sack on a QB…


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