Pedigree Vs. Mojo – Golf, Guitars and Life

Buy low.

Objects of desire.

These two phrases basically sums up what’s going on with me and my modest success in getting nice gear for low prices, hence my GAS.

Let’s qualify my GAS. I don’t basically lose desire for the guitars that I already have and replace them with whatever new one I currently want. The ones that I have, I want to keep.

Right now, I think I have almost everything I want guitar-wise.

In theory, GAS should go – well, I thought I wanted this but i was wrong and I want the other one instead and my life will be miserable until I get what I want.

I can foresee making one more purchase, you will know when you see it that it’s different and is not intended to replace the guitars I already have.

Other than that, I still find it fun to browse through online classifieds for guitars for sale, but I rarely see something I want, especially because I have almost everything I want.

It’s unfortunate that there are so many young people out there spending so much on guitars; only to sell them at a discount because they need money more than to keep their guitar.

Such is the price of rock and roll dreams. I consider myself lucky that I was realistic enough at their age to know that there was no way I could feed my family playing the guitar. It wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough, it was more because the economy of my country didn’t make that possible.

And some guys have the real GAS, going through a cycle of buying and selling. Don’t they realize how much money they’re losing by doing this?

And now that I have, ah, some guitars, I realise that there is no specific reason that makes me pick up a guitar. It’s not build or brand or pedigree. If at all I tend to have a song in my head I want to play and I reach for the guitar that seems the most appropriate for it.

And that’s not even hard and fast. I guess the biggest reason why I pick up a guitar is that I haven’t played that guitar for some time, and simply because I like it.

And when I play, I am reminded of why I liked that guitar, whether it’s the tone, the neck, the action, or the ease of playing it. In a way, mojo.

The bigger issue now is time. I’ve been busy with work and by the time I’m home from work I barely have anything left in the tank. I’ve noticed I don’t play so well when I’m tired.

But such is life. The thing is to find some balance. I may have all the guitars I want but I barely have the time to play them.

All I can do now is look at them, looking forward to the day when I have a couple of hours to fuss with them.

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