Penn State fans can’t let pride for Joe Paterno go | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd debate Penn State’s reaction to the most recent honoring of Joe Paterno.

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17 thoughts on “Penn State fans can’t let pride for Joe Paterno go | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Libya ThinkTank

    Clearing, I recall hating Joe Paterno and Penn State in the 70s. Some fond memories last forever. After all these years, I tried to put behind, the hard feelings and sodomy. Now, that Penn State will honor Joe Paterno proves again, my rage was a God-given grace, and shoves Penn State back into Hell, to bleed rectally with the evil cult of Joe Paterno.

  2. Jimmy Smith

    Ulysses S. Grant was not corrupt as much as he was overly loyal to friends and not attentive enough to details when it came to trusting people. Corrupt is pushing it. He's not a great president, but he was a great general and an underrated president.

  3. Larry Woomer

    the NC a a used p s as an example of how supposedly they punish colleges even when they don't have all the facts the NC aa punished an institution of learning young adults sounds profound to me as the Sandusky scandal is the NC aa any better I don't hear anyone talking about how the NC aa punished 18 to 21 year Olds for nothing that they did.

  4. Wholesome XX (Wholesome)

    I thought it was innocent until proven guilty? Funny how many like to forget that. I also find it interesting that so many people are psychic and know what Mr. Paternity knew. That is not how are system is setup, and you don't know what he knew or did not know. First his wins are reinstated. Now a tribute to the legendary coach. Next the reinstatement of the statue. It is a matter of time…

  5. xmassan20906

    People yell, "Joe knew" like Penn State and Paterno paid off every victim, parent, the police and the district attorney’s office for 40 years. In 1995, the adoption court failed to discover Sandusky when Matt Sandusky was placed in Sandsusky’s house despite his mother’s concerns. In 1998 Sandusky admitted inappropriate behavior to one victim’s mother, police detectives and an investigator from Department of Public Welfare. In 2002, McQuery spoke to his dad and a neighbor before going to Joe and police. Instead of stopping Sandusky or following up with the police, McQuery attended a Sandusky golf fundraiser in 2003. Second Mile didn’t investigate Sandusky until 2008. There is nothing to show Joe stopped the truth about Sandusky from getting out. The fact is, nobody is asking why the police, the district attorney’s office and Child Protective Services didn’t step in sooner. It was within their power, not Joe's, to incarcerate Sandusky, investigate Second Mile for victims and pull the adopted kids out of the Sansusky house. Joe came to Penn State in 1950 and gave 61 years of his life to Penn State. Thank you Joe for those 61 years.

  6. xmassan20906

    :22 "We are Penn State, we are better than everyone else" Do some research jackass. In 1947, SMU wanted to hold a meeting requesting Penn State's black players not play. Penn State captain Steve Suhey said “We are Penn State. There will be no meetings.” Dallas hotels wouldn't let the team stay so the entire team drove 14 miles outside Dallas to a naval station. Come what may Penn State is a proud family that stands together as one. We are Penn State.

  7. William K

    Muddied? Are these dudes serious? You're not going to come with a over the top reaction regarding pedophilia and the people that enabled it? Wow!!! How brave of you to take a rather neutral stance, because Ulysses S. Grant and the $50 bill right?…So eloquent!!! Imagine for a second if Sandusky had been raping women….Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer would genetically replicate the now extinct Nittany Lion and air an ad of them stabbing it to death with tampons. I guess if it's only young at risk boys and you win games it doesn't matter.

  8. Willie Boyd

    I have an idea.
    How about,
    Penn State can do little things to honor Joe Paterno. But they have to give, say, 75% of the money made there to the fight against child abuse.
    Every slideshow movie about the people whose lives he improved, every t-shirt with his face on it, every book sold that mentions his involvement in literacy in the state of Pennsylvania, every videotape of game-day footage between 1969 (the year Sandusky joined the staff) and 2011, they have a little asterisk saying "75% of the proceeds from this sale will benefit Prevent Child Abuse America" or "75% (etc.) will help afford lawyers to represent victims of child molestation in courts of law."

    Nobody knows exactly what he did or didn't know, what he did or didn't do. What we do know is that the good he did and the evil he did not stop are both so great that it can never be fully reconciled. So how about we try and make something good come out of this atrocity that happened to those kids.

    And hey–I have no connection to that university except for a friend or two from high school who went there. So I say this without bias.
    God bless you all, God Bless America. Pray for those who suffer.


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