Petroleum Jelly on a Driver Face

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In this experiment I take a Callaway Fusion driver and cover the face in petroleum jelly to see if it increases accuracy and/or distance.

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47 thoughts on “Petroleum Jelly on a Driver Face

  1. Ben Hoganblades

    Petroleum jelly, a rubber glove and two fingers — a painful nightmare once a year for all of us men over 40. Interesting information. Another great video.

  2. Andrea Echevarria

    Cheating? There's cheating in golf? I thought it was a game of honor and integrity. It's just a coincidence that I have to Chapstick my lips on every driving hole. Honestly I have very dry lips.

  3. Brad Garland

    Randy, you mentioned the lubed (does sound dirty doesn't it?) clubs spin rate was way too low but could you give us a feeling for what the 10.5 degree driver optimal stats should be for launch angle, spin rate, anything else? Or should we just assume the first club was considered optimal? Thanks.

  4. spinball6363

    Randy, how about hitting some cuts or hooks? How straight would it go on intentional side spin. The old lubed banana
    ball, as it were.

  5. Gary James

    I can say with 100% certainty that chapstick is the best thing to use but a very thin layer similar to what you would put on your lips.

  6. Michael MacKeigan

    You should test to see how far petroleum jelly will go with a Callaway Fusion Driver face. Stick it to the USGA.

  7. David Ciccoritti

    So what you're saying is lubed heads produce higher ball speeds and straighter drives. Got it 🙂 Would love to see a "wedge approach" video showing 80 yard, 50 yard and 30 yard approach shots to a green with 3 or 4 different wedge lofts. Would be interesting to see how these wedges hold the greens in terms of spin and descending angles. I've always felt that throwing it up high and landing it soft was the way to go but I've read that lower lofted wedges give you more control and spin. It's something I plan to experiment with this coming spring. Great video and cover song :-)

  8. MissyLaMotte

    I understand that you are not allowed to manipulate your clubs by lubricating them. But I am surprised that manufacturers don't use some kind of low spin coating or polishing for the low spin versions of their drivers (or do they? if so, at least I never heard it advertised that way). I am sure they could come up with something that is according to the rules and still manages to reduce friction, like a thin layer of teflon or something like that.

  9. metamurph

    thin that layer out a little more and yes I think that point, spin can be good — it is straighter than you really want. This is an old money game trick.

  10. chris chambers

    Should i lay the -4.5 points on the vikings tonight against the bears at home? Jay cutler is back at qb for the bears, what do you think? I think the vikings will cover

  11. Terry Bergin

    Good fun in this crazy and illegal experiment, enjoyed watching it. Although your drives were shorter, they were straighter. What would happen if you lubed the ball as well? Vaseline song lyrics and your rap lyrics – you deserve a Noble prize for literature!

  12. Thomas Byrne

    Randy (or anyone) you need to tell me where I get one of those tees. I'm in Ireland and finding it hard to track one down! Great vid as usual.

  13. Kurt von Savoye

    Interesting experiment Randy. It certainly appears the spin was lowered significantly due to the reduced friction from the Vaseline coating. The results of your testing raises the question; Would this principal be something manufacturers might want to look at for spin reduction? Now I don't mean using petroleum jelly, but what about some other type of low friction face material, like a Teflon coating?

    The current trend by manufacturers looking to reduce driver spin is to move weight forward. Unfortunately this also results in a reduced MOI and forgiveness. However, based on your testing, I think that with the right material we could design a driver that has weight pushed back for increased MOI and forgiveness, while simultaneously keeping spin down with reduced friction off the Teflon face. The perfect driver!

    Damn Randy, why didn't you do this video before they selected the contestant for "Driver vs Driver"!! We could've won that $500K :-)

  14. Caleb Davis

    What are your thoughts on "one length" irons and would you consider using them for better consistency? Who might they benefit the most?

  15. Michael STAUDT

    Hi Randy ! Hope you and your Family doing good. Great vid. But I am a little disapointed that you didnt show us how the jelly on your lips would affect the spin lmao

  16. Michael Pasvantis

    Sure it's cheating but we're not playing is USGA sanctioned events and is it really cheating if you don't get caught? I'm thinking you put some Vaseline on your lips then kiss your driver face before you tee off and tell your playing partners "it's for good luck". Boom.

  17. Bobby Parson

    Bro, You need to quit this golf stuff and sing and write songs…. LOL. Honestly though luv your song !!!! luv ur Vids.

  18. JRS

    do this again but tee it up 10 inches and really hit up on it. if you get get 25+ launch you can get big distance from that low spin number. pointless, but fun.


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