PGA Golfer Danny Lee Drives His Swing Coach Insane

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Danny Lee is one of the more unique characters on the PGA Tour. The balance he strikes between goofball and pro golfer can be attributed to his Swing Coach, Drew Steckel. While the two are barely able to make it through a game of air hockey without butting heads, their friction has resulted in a top 100 ranking. We hung out with the unorthodox duo to see how their relationship informs Lee’s in-match performance.

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11 thoughts on “PGA Golfer Danny Lee Drives His Swing Coach Insane

  1. TheSmreeder

    To Bad I didn't Know they like to do cool stuff They were 6 miles from a really cool Formula Go-Cart Track and 25 miles from Nelson Ledges Quarry Park where you can dive off a 30 ft cliff all day long for $10 and is the cleanest swimming park in the state of OHIO… not to mention some of the most beautiful hiking paths in the state
    Many Blessings , SMR

  2. Zch Murphy

    Danny Lee is the most quirky man on tour. He once visited the Club I worked at in Dallas, and when he walked through the door he said Danny Lee back in Town where the bitches at to our pro.


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