PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – Phil Mickelson had the best time of Father Time and overcame Mother Nature's most vicious blows for four days in one of his best hangouts on the PGA Tour.

He just could not beat the sun on Sunday.

Mickelson still has to spend a day and two more holes in order to make history of the tournaments and further enhance his career at the World Golf Hall of Fame. It is at the top of the rankings while AT & T's Pro-Am Pebble Beach is scheduled to resume business at 8 am local time Monday, after 11 am, after Crosby Weather, as it's called in these areas , was held at the annual party on the Monterey Peninsula.

Playing in the last group on Sunday for the second time in three starts this year, Mickelson turned a three-shot deficit at dawn into a three-shot lead late in the day with a spectacular game on a cold, windy day . With his game in focus, the only thing that bothered Mickelson was the decision to stop the game.

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"It's probably a good thing for us," said Mickelson, who pleaded for his record to be maintained despite the darkness that envelops the course. "But I wanted to finish tonight because I play well.

"It's not over, we have to finish it, so I do not want to skip the gun and look ahead." I have two difficult holes to come in. I love playing this tournament, but I think the postponement is C is a good omen because I won here for the first time here in '98. We suspended the tournament for three months, came back and finished the final round , and I had my first win here. "

Mickelson was 18 points under 70 holes and had three shots ahead of Paul Casey and Scott Stallings. Mickelson was 18 points under 70 holes and had three shots ahead of Paul Casey and Scott Stallings. Casey has a 3-foot putt by force remaining out of 16 before he and Mickelson head to the starting point in Game-3 and then play the 18th par-5 to finish the round.

Stallings finished his round with a 66 under-66 to go up the rankings and give himself a chance to win.

But the tournament is in the hands of Mickelson. Behind Casey's three shots, Lefty did everything right since he realized six birdies in the 16 holes he finished and did not put a bogue on his card.

Less than two years after his fiftieth birthday, the old man did his best by the sea. He managed to do ornithologists from 10 feet on the fourth one that overlooks Carmel Bay, then scored a foot on ninth and 11 feet the 10th. two holes facing Stillwater Cove.

He also birdied 6 feet on the second, 7 feet on the 13th and 6 feet on the 14th.

"I had six birdies on a difficult course, so there were a lot of good things, a lot of good putts," said Mickelson.

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There was little good about time. Mickelson and other stars such as Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Bill Murray and Wayne Gretzky shared the best of the week with Crosby Weather, the nickname paying tribute to Bing Crosby, who founded the tournament and made it his own. own annual clambake.

The changing nature of the elements is part of the character of the event. During the first three rounds, professionals, celebrities and amateurs were confronted with haze, rain, strong winds and crunching bones. Sunday, hail appeared. After the storms of the day forced a delay of one hour before the start of the final round, the worst weather of the week erupted and a hail storm left a layer of white pebbles on Pebble Beach. Kessler Karain, the youngest of Patrick Reed, made a hail angel on the 14th fairway.

The players eventually left the field and there was a delay of two hours. Upon their return, a glorious sun bathed the relative heat course.

On his return Monday, Mickelson will attempt to win his 44th victory on the PGA Tour. Mickelson, who won this event in 1998, 2005, 2007 and 2012, hopes Mark O 'Meara will be tied with the most wins in the tournament. And if he wins, it will be his 14th title on the PGA circuit in California, which would tie him with Tiger Woods and Billy Casper.

A win would also validate all the work Mickelson has done to stave off the onslaught of age and stay relevant in the game he loves. He intensified his work at the gym to reinforce his strength and explosiveness. He had done a biomechanical study and examined the kinematic sequence of his swing to identify his strengths and weaknesses. After hiring a nutritionist, he is firmly adhering to a new diet, which is as tough as a bidirectional putt at Augusta National for a man who has rarely refused any food offer.

On Saturday, he made the cut for the 500th time of his career on the circuit. On Monday, Casey said he would have a hard time keeping Mickelson from his 44th title.

"There is still a glow," said Casey, who was tied on Sunday before stopping the game. "I have to do something special, and obviously, I need a error .. but very good attitude.I dug deep.I was going there to play my best.

"It's a challenging course, I've always found Pebble difficult." Phil has organized a spectacular round of golf so far. "Six sous, no throws, great stuff."