Proper Hip Bend in Golf Swing

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The proper hip bend in the golf swing is easy to achieve if your body will let you. So many golfers get this wrong and then never achieves the golf swing they are trying for. This hip bend is critical to golf swing consistency and power. Getting your club to the ball with this hip bend is achievable, but ONLY if you have adequate hip flexibility. Tight hips will not let you get the bend you need without creating tension on every swing.

Many older golfers have a declination physical status which includes a massive reduction in golf flexibility and strength. With this decline, the golf swing turns into one big compensation, which results in golf swings that are inconsistent and weak. Shorter drives and more mishits are the common theme with this scenario.

Here's one simple tip to get the proper hip bend in your golf swing.

Take your club with your normal grip and hold it right in front of your belt region with the clubshaft vertical. Now lower the club to the ground but only by bending at your hips. An important point is to make sure you first have some knee flex BEFORE you start your lowering of the golf club.

If you find you can not achieve this simple move, you MUST incorporated hip stretching exercises. This way you will be able to do this with no effort or tension.

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