Putt Your Way to Better Golf

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If you want to be a good golfer or just have more fun on the golf course. The old saying becomes true. Drive for show and putt for dough. That saying is about as old as golf itself.

Now, I know that practicing your putting is not the funnest thing I the world. Going out to the driving range a smacking some drivers as far as you can is a lot more entertaining. Most amateurs will spend ten times longer on the range than on the putting green. Thats propably why they are amateurs. Now, if they would at least equal the amount of time on each, there game would improve dramatically. But just like anything else, it takes patience to practice putting. I you want to get better at golf and have more fun, go to a professional and get some lessons. You should take a least a series of six lessons. The pro should take you though all the aspects of the swing, chipping and putting. I would suggest finding a PGA pro that has the same type of swing you have a follow what he does. You can do that by going online and looking at video of that golfer. Also find a pro that has a putting stroke that you would like to have and do that same thing.

When you practice putting, go to a part of the green that is less crowded. Take the flag out of the cup. Drop about five or six balls about four or five feet away. You want to have a straight putt and a little up hill. Start knocking them in the cup. Try to start making as many in a row that you can. Just concentrate on three items in you routine at a time. One on the setup, one during the swing and one on the follow through. You do not want to put to much in your head at the same time. When you feel that you are getting good results with these items you are working on, work on something else. Do not go on until you feel that you have mastered it. Practice these four or five footers until you make at least fifty. When you get bored of five footers go practice longer putts. Make sure you get these putts by the holes and you putt everything in. When you get bored of these go back to the five footers to finish you session.

When you play a round write down how many putts per round, how many three putts, how many up and downs and length all putts you make. If you stick with this plan you will see a decrease in putts per round and the length of you putts increase. What happens is, you've been practicing five footers. When you have a fifteen or twenty footer, you have the confidence to run it by a few feet. You can not make a putt if its not getting to the hole. You know you can make it coming back. Confidence is the key to putting. Keep your head still and listen for the ball to go into the hole. I hope this helps you golf game. You will get better and most of all I hope you will have more fun playing the game.

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