Rafael Nadal vs Lucas Pouille Highlights US OPEN 2016 Round 4 HD720p50 by ACE

Rafael Nadal vs Lucas Pouille Highlights US OPEN 2016 Round 4 HD720p50 by ACE ……

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31 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal vs Lucas Pouille Highlights US OPEN 2016 Round 4 HD720p50 by ACE

  1. computermaster

    Great match, Nadal not back to his very best, I would have loved to see him take on Novak, guess that will have to wait now, I think he could be done, when Federer comes back- it's going to be butcher mode turned on.

  2. Stewart Harvey-Wilson

    Great to see Nadal returning to the tennis we know he plays. And thanks for this vid. Great   Quality

  3. Andrew Simpson

    Nadal serve has definitely lost a lot of velocity he is serving like a woman lol! So many serves under 110 mph and those are first serves. The lack of power has hurt him made him his game more attack able. He needs a new coach.

  4. Erwan LORFEUVRE

    This forehand like in Rio at 7-7 in the tie break again ! Crazy… And 2nd straight time that he has the break in the final set and lost the match…

  5. unowen7591

    This match was insane. The level they were playing at was insane. Pouille completely deserved the win. He gave his full heart and soul into beating Rafa. He honestly would have beaten anyone that day.

    After coming from 5 setters the round before, I thought he was going to be out in straights. Mad respect.

  6. DIAKHOUMPA Ousseynou

    He is the future of tennis he is a genius who has beaten in the same year Goffin, Ferrer and also Nadal. May you can give him a lot of respect. So far please to look at him to will become the best player for the future . I agree and i believe that. Give loopback for his talent for winning any grand slam.

  7. JiraiyaSama86

    Rafa played well- just missing some sting. But Pouille I think has a good balance of solid game with some variety. Lacks the easy KO, but his game is pretty well balanced- good mix of variety and solid. Can see him having more success than some of the others in his generation- namely Goffin.

  8. Caio Pavani

    There is one shot missing on Rafa arsenal… the down the line forehand! He played great, the movement was fine, the serve was nice, the backhand solid, the volleys really good, and the crosscourt forehand ok too, but look at the court positioning by Pouille, he is allways 2/3 steps in his left courner, when Rafa start hiting some good down the line forehands his play will surelly rise!


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