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It wasn’t the outcome he was looking for but overall is was a solid final round for Tiger Woods at the Masters.

He started the day at 4-over and on the front nine went for three pars, three birdies and three bogeys to stay even on the day. On the back nine things started to heat up for Woods though as he started chipping away towards even including a big-time eagle on Hole 15 after sinking a putt from around 25-30 feet out. A birdie on 17 got him to even on the day but a missed putt on 18 saw him bogey on the day’s final hole.

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He finished the round at 69 — one stroke over for the tournament — and his best round of the tournament. As of his finish on Sunday he was sitting at T-31.

Here’s a recap of Tiger Woods’ final round at the Masters:

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Tiger Woods updates, recap from Masters

(All times Eastern)

Hole 18: Par 4, 465 yards

Score: 1-over (3-under today)

3:14 p.m.: Tiger misses the short putt and settles for a bogey on 18. Rough way to end it. Shoots a 69 for the weekend at 1-over.

3:12 p.m.: About five feet for par after his third shot.

3:07 p.m.: The approach is a little long but he should still be in good position to par the final hole.

3:02 p.m.: Tiger tees off for the last time this weekend and gets it to the left side of the fairway. He looks to be about 170 away.

Hole 17: Par 4, 440 yards

Score: Even (4-under today)

2:57 p.m.: He does it. That’s a birdie for Tiger and he’s back to even with one hole left. He’s currently T-24.

2:53 p.m.: And another great approach shot. He’s about 10 feet away with a chance for a birdie here to get to even for the tournament.

2:49 p.m.: Tiger’s tee game has been on today. Booms another drive out of the box straight down the middle of the fairway and about 150 away.

Hole 16: Par 3, 170 yards

Score:  1-over (3-under today)

2:45 p.m.: Excellent recovery putt from Tiger who two-putts it for par .

2:40 p.m.: Not the greatest tee shot on 16. leaves it roughly 50 feet short here.

Hole 15: Par 5, 530 yards

Score: 1-over (3-under today)

2:35 p.m.: He gets it! From about 25-30 feet out Tiger sinks the eagle on 15 for his first of the week.

2:31 p.m.: He gets the second shot on the green with a great approach. He’ll have another shot for a long eagle and a good chance for a birdie here.

2:25 p.m.: Tiger goes a bit right on his tee shot but not bad and sits about 220 out.

Hole 14: Par 4, 440 yards

Score:  3-over (1-under today)

2:23 p.m.: It’s a two-putt for par for Tiger.

2:15 p.m.: Nice second shot get him on the back of the green and he’ll have a long birdie try ahead.

2:10 p.m.: Tiger gets a good piece of that tee shot and another nice roll down the fairway.

Hole 13: Par 5, 510 yards

Score: 3-over (1-under today)

2:06 p.m.: Just left of the hole on the eagle putt then taps it in for the birdie . Great hole there for Tiger.

2:02 p.m.: Great approach shot to take advantage of his drive and he’ll have an eagle opportunity coming up.

1:54 p.m.: Tiger goes left off the tee but he rocks it. About 180 away with a good opportunity here on this par five.

Hole 12: Par 3, 155 yards

Score:  4-over (Even today)

1:51 p.m.: He nearly sinks the long birdie putt but then taps it in and takes another par .

1:46 p.m.: Tiger gets it safely on the green with a nice tee shot on 12.

Hole 11: Par 4, 505 yards

Score: 4-over (Even today)

1:43 p.m.: Tiger sinks the short putt for par and he’s still even on the day.

1:41 p.m.: He gets it close with his first putt and now will try for par.

1:36 p.m.: His second shot gets to the front center of the green and he should have a shot for birdie here.

1:31 p.m.: Another big drive for Tiger down the fairway.

Hole 10: Par 4, 495 yards

Score: 4-over (Even today)

1:28 p.m.: He just misses for the birdie but ends up with another par .

1:24 p.m.: Second shot for Tiger gets to the green with about 15 feet for a birdie.

1:19 p.m.: He gets 273 yards on the tee shot and a good lie on the fairway to the right.

Hole 9: Par 4, 460 yards

Score: 4-over (Even today)

1:16 p.m.: Ouch — he rims out the short par putt and has to settle for a bogey as he makes the turn to the back nine. Three birdies but three bogeys so far today.

1:13 p.m.: Tiger gets the third one on the green just a few feet from the hole for what should be par.

1:10 p.m.: Approach shot lands on the green but a takes nasty roll back and kept on rolling off the green.

1:05 p.m.: Another great drive right down the middle of the fairway (338 yards) that keeps rolling and rolling.

Hole 8: Par 5, 570 yards

Score: 3-over (1-under today)

1:02 p.m.: He nails the birdie putt. Solid rebound for Tiger on Hole 8.

12:59 p.m.: Great shot. Tiger pops it up onto the green and it lands just short of the hole. Another solid birdie try coming up.

12:55 p.m.: Second shot is just short of the green.

12:50 p.m.: Nice drive off the tee for Tiger. He gets it down the middle of the fairway.

Hole 7: Par 4, 450 yards

Score: 4-over (Even today)

12:46 p.m.: Then he misses the par putt and taps it in for a bogey . Tiger set himself up for a nice hole there but could not execute on the green.

12:45 p.m.: Not a good putt at all there. Tiger misses it long and now he’ll have to save it for par.

12:40 p.m.: Terrific approach shot and he’ll have a great chance for birdie here. Leaves it about six feet to the hole.

12:33 p.m.: Booming tee shot for Tiger that got a good roll just off the fairway to the right.

Hole 6: Par 3, 180 yards

Score: 3-over (1-under today)

12:29 p.m.: Got it. A second straight par for Tiger. He’s starting to get into a nice rhythm here.

12:27 p.m.: Dribbles it onto the green for what should be a good chance for a par putt.

12:24 p.m.: Fore! Tiger’s tee shot is right and into the front row of the crowd. He got an assist there from the patrons.

Hole 5: Par 4, 455 yards

Score: 3-over (1-under today)

12:20 p.m.: Good putt that just misses for a birdie. Then he taps it in for par .

12:15 p.m.: Long approach there but Tiger gets it on the green.

12:12 p.m.: Decent tee shot on Hole 5 down the right side.

Hole 4: Par 3, 240 yards

Score: 3-over (1-under today)

12:08 p.m.: About 10 feet out and he nails it. Another birdie for Tiger today.

12:02 p.m.: He nearly aces it! The ball just barely missed the flagstick and skipped just over. What a tee shot for Tiger.

Hole 3: Par 4, 350 yards

Score: 4-over (Even today)

11:59 a.m.: Tiger can’t sink the long putt and is back up to 4-over with a bogey on Hole 3.

11:56 a.m.: Tries to pop it up and just gets to the green. He’ll have a decent putt for par.

11:54 a.m.: Tiger tries to lob it up with his pitching wedge but it doesn’t get very far.

11:49 a.m.: After some indecision, Tiger goes with the driver and hits it just left, short of the green.

Hole 2: Par 5, 575 yards

Score: 3-over (1-under today)

11:46 a.m.: An easy birdie putt and he nails it. This is the first time he’s been 1-under to start the first two holes here.

11:43 a.m.: He nearly holes his third shot with a pop up over the rough! Another birdie opportunity coming up. We’ll see if he can sink this one.

11:40 a.m.:  Tiger comes up just short of the green on his approach. His swing seemed to be affected by the pine straw he was in but he still managed a nice shot out of it.

11:29 a.m.: Tee shot on Hole 2 goes a little further left than you would like to see but he should be able to save it.

Hole 1: Par 4, 445 yards

Score:  4-over (Even today)

11:23 a.m.: Rough putt for Tiger there as his birdie try rims out and he taps it in for par .

11:18 a.m.: Beautiful approach shot for Tiger lands on the green. A great birdie opportunity coming up.

11:13 a.m.: Tiger tees off hits a solid drive right down the middle of the fairway.

11:00 a.m.: Tiger is rocking his famous black and red and is just 10 minutes away from teeing off in Round 4.

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