Rory McIlroy: “Take that GolfWRX,” and why he said it

Rory McIlroy recently appeared on the No Laying Up podcast to discuss all manner of things. Around 20 minutes into the interview, the conversation turned to the Ulsterman’s equipment, leading ultimately to a mention of our fair website.

Now, to understand why Rory McIlroy would jokingly say, “Take that GolfWRX,” you need a bit (OK, a lot) of context.

In early February, GolfWRX member lovedoctor started a thread titled “Rory McIlroy to sign with Callaway in 2017.” Not difficult to guess what the good doctor’s central claim was, which he attributed to information from “a reliable source.”

McIlroy had been without an equipment deal since Nike’s departure from that space in August of last year. Speculation was rampant about where Rory would land, especially after the golfer tested equipment in Dubai at the end of last year.

On the second page of the thread, Chris Solomon of No Laying Up joined the discussion by replying to lovedoctor’s initial post with: “This is simply not true. Rory will not be signing a deal in 2017.”

Soly’s source for that particular information was almost certainly McIlroy himself. And, as McIlroy lays out in the NLU podcast, he had planned to remain a free agent for 2017. However, that effort turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, and he was rumored to be unhappy with his golf ball at the Masters.

One thing led to another, McIlroy publicly swooned over TaylorMade’s TP5x ball, and he signed a full bag deal with TMag in May.

RoryTaylorMadeSwitchingWRXSo, Soly was ultimately wrong, in a sense, (so was lovedoctor) but he told the truth as he’d heard it straight from the horse’s mouth at the time.

Thus, you have the convoluted context for why Rory McIlroy mentioned GolfWRX. You can hear the exchange around 24 minutes into the podcast.

And thanks for the shout-out, Rors!

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