Ryder Cup Day 2 Round Up

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Ryder Cup Day 2 Round Up with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Talking about day two from Hazeltine and getting a feel for what the social world has made of this epic struggle so far.

17 thoughts on “Ryder Cup Day 2 Round Up

  1. Justin Edwards

    Incredible competition, unlike anything I've ever seen in golf! I'm from the U.S and am obviously happy with the lead, but as we know anything can happen on Sunday

  2. Sam Woodley

    Mark actually did read out my kaymer comment. That is now my claim to fame. Next step, let me have a round with you two at the belfry?

  3. Chet Koczynski

    Given that you're from the UK, in order to eliminate any unconscious bias, I think we should put you 60 yards away from that green with a wedge in your hand and if you get up and down Europe wins, if not the US wins. (Personally, I'd love the US odds under that scenario.)

  4. Thom Bendtsen

    I was so glad to watch the pros struggle with chipping out of the rough around the greens at Hazeltine. I live in Minnesota and sometimes feel like a complete hack on shots like that. I don't remember the type of grass it is but it is not easy.

  5. yourik van beek

    lee westwood and martin kaymer should have stayed home. they should have send paul casey and joost luiten instead.

  6. BlueKingfisher

    Justin looked a little jaded in the afternoon as did Henrick. Perhaps Sully and Bello should have been let loose. Perhaps Darren was afraid to put them out in case they didn't deliver. Couldn't have been any worse. However, I think we will pull it off, nothing to be afraid of.

  7. Raymond Yadusky

    Could not see your putts at the hole because of the twitter feed banner at the bottom of the picture. Otherwise an entertaining if scattered live feed.


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