Ryder Cup fan wins $100 bet from Justin Rose after accepting Team Europe challenge

How many times have you sat or stood in a crowd watching a sport and thought, “I can do that”?

Every time you’ve watched sport, right?

On the eighth green of the Hazeltine National Golf Club, Dave Johnson had these exact thoughts as he watched Ryder Cup ‘s Team Europe study a putt – except he decided to express them out loud.

Upon hearing the American’s heckling, Henrik Stenson decided to invite Johnson down and let the spectator attempt the putt for himself. Watch it all unfold in the video above.

To spice things up a little, Justin Rose laid down a $100 bill next to the golf ball – not that Johnson needed any extra incentive to nail the putt.

After complaining that the putter was too short and that he needed DJ’s (Dustin Johnson), the eighth green fell championship-like quiet as Johnson stood over the ball.

After making a quick joke to himself by saying he’s on “home soil”, Johnson takes one look up and hits the ball nice and true.

Cries of “in the hole” ring round as the ball races towards the hole. Gathering pace, it looks for all the world as though it’s coming in too hot. But the ball hits the back of the hole and pops in.

The crowd goes wild… as does Dave Johnson.

A hug from Rory and $100 from Rose are the rewards – as well as ensuring himself as one of the game’s legendary spectators.

Henrik Stenson said: “We were playing a match against Andy and Rory. Andy didn’t make the putt and went to try again.

Someone in the crowd yelled: ‘I could do it’. So we let him have a go. And all credit to him, he drilled it in the centre. He would have been chipping if it hadn’t gone in but fair play to him.”

Justin Rose added: “The guy came on and ripped it in the middle. Fair play to him.”

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