Ryder Cup Singles Live

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Ryder Cup Singles Live with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Lets watch the final day from Hazeltine unfold together live from Parfield towers.

18 thoughts on “Ryder Cup Singles Live

  1. JAG sixtyfive

    So, Darren Clarke is the Captain, a Chubby Chandler guy. Chandler also had 3 guys from his stable playing this week. Westwood, Willett,and Fitzpatrick. They were the only guys out of the whole 24 players to not contribute even 1/2 point to their teams cause! Marry that to some dubious decisions by Clarke and the strange comments by PJ Willett, the brother of one of Chandlers' charges. Wow, that's an awful lot of coincidences there.

  2. SBGif

    the Euros need to spend less time on practicing 300m drives and more on putting 2 footers. Sergio lost 2 holes on Saturday by missing these and he went down by 2. Westwards similar miss on last on same day meant down by 1. Hard to believe pros can miss these, and how costly they were. Forget the gym people and work on 2 footers!

  3. Chris I

    Brilliant play on both teams, with some great singles duels, Rory-Patrick, Serg-Phil and commanding performances by Rafa and Thomas. Really extraordinary golfing event with the exception of the boors. I hope the matches are every bit as competitive in the next meet in Paris. Bon Chance!

  4. Leftienige Blank

    A referee who doesn't know the rules !! Wot a larf . A world top-ten golfer who don't know the rules !! Wot a larf .
    If a player causes his ball to move , its a penalty , bleedin' obvious . Cheers all , Nige .

  5. Paul Scheuer

    I started tearing up three or four minutes into this. Poor ol' Crossfield. All his mates have abandoned him and he's stuck on the couch bantering to himself over the interwebs. Sorry about your luck Euros but at least you had front row seats for the clinic.

  6. jimbofatplum

    clarke lost us the cup on Saturday afternoon. serge rose and Henrik needed a rest and we had the youngblood chompin at the bit on the bench. the word 'rookies' is defunct these days as players are well seasoned and fearless really. I was hoping to see Sullivan and willet paired up, no chaperones needed! bello and wood paired on sat afternoon too.   kymer and westwood should have sat out. both well out of form…..make way for players who EARNT their place!   shit captain :(

  7. jungfraujoch11333

    I've loved the Ryder cup for 30 years on TV, and the US were deserved winners.
    But in all honesty, Patrick's finger wagging and hollering, Rory going nuclear critical,
    Please, just play golf and shake hands, it's a game golfs better than footy or ice hockey or whatever

  8. MrCheatreporter

    Us well deserved win,but the redneck spectators should be kicked out !
    And Mark,no cap inside please..


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