Ryder Cup Spectator Heckles His Way To Glory

      35 Comments on Ryder Cup Spectator Heckles His Way To Glory

An amazing putt happened out at the Ryder Cup Thursday — and it wasn’t a made by a pro, reports Bill Hudson.
WCCO 4 News At 5 – September 29, 2016

35 thoughts on “Ryder Cup Spectator Heckles His Way To Glory

  1. Steven Martinez

    Got to love that midwestern accent straight from North Dakota, lol! Kind of sounds like a Minnesota accent to me from the movie Fargo. (I know you all don't sound like that but it does reinforce the stereotype dont'cha know)

  2. WildlifeObsessed

    Big mouthed self-centered prick stands-out and gets applauded for it.

    Only in America !

    Congratulations to a fine victorious Team – chew da baca, chew da baca – spit !

  3. menckencynic

    I am going to cum watching the YouTube comment section comments by jealous Europeans.

    It will be so. So. Sweet.

  4. Stephen Reeds

    What a completer dickhead. Do they not have any security? They cannot win gracefully nor lose gracefully. I was never keen before but they've ruined what should be a sporting occasion. Trump would love it… making America great again!!

  5. JKEW

    Brilliant! Nothing wrong with a bit of banter between the crowd and players. Yes one or two fans sometimes go overboard but it happens when the RC is in Europe too!

    Congrats to USA on the win, it was well deserved. That Garcia v Lefty match was one of the best I've ever seen.

  6. ed hondo

    it would have been a long walk back to the gallery if he had missed .. but , I understand why he sounded off about mac missing that shot . just like any sport we get wrapped up in the moment  it is frustrating hoping someone makes a shot and doesn't

  7. PlaneSWING®

    Hahaha! This guy (now known to us as David Johnston) was on my coach as we arrived at Hazeltine from East Creek transit station. He was with two buddies and he was LOUD and I thought…this guy's trouble! Little did I know. Excellent. Well done mate. That's fantastic. Didn't augur well for us Europeans did it 🙁 What an awesome thing to happen. Really pleased for him. :-)


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