So you want to play golf, but you do not have four or five hours to hit the links. What to do?

The Savannahs Golf Course on Merritt Island has the solution: play with executive tees on the main course.

The golf course, owned by the Savannahs Homeowners Association, will open new executive tees on the 18 holes of its traditional course on February 16th.

Chief Executive Earl Hines hopes to attract more players to the scenic route north of the Barge Canal.

"Shorter courses are becoming more acceptable to people," said Hines. "It's less time spent on the course and it's much better for parents and families. We have the ideal situation where we have families who live in the neighborhood but do not play golf, so why do not we encourage them to play? "

The new executive holes will be considerably closer. Hines said on a hole, the white tee is 337 yards, while the executive tee is 208.

The hardest part was knowing exactly where to place the shortest T-shirts so they do not interfere with the play of long T-shirts.

"We have identified flat areas," said Hines. "We also set up starter boxes where we eliminated the dangers of the game. It did not cost us much. "

On October 1, 2018, Brevard County Parks and Recreation, which has run the course for 30 years, sent the Savannahs back by the HOA.

The Savannahs Homeowners Association is legally the owner of the property with its 288 homeowners.

"Since we have been on the golf course, I have seen, on the basis of the numbers, a dramatic improvement in rounds and public participation," said Hines. "I hope this trend will continue in a positive way."

On February 16, Hines said that the departure times for the executives will be taken from 11 am.

He added that the new Savannahs Bar and Grill restaurant offers special dishes.

"We get good compliments from people," said Hines, "very positive."

To set a departure time, call (321) 455-1375.