"Sawgrass is an Appropriate Golf Course" – Wallace's Players' Journal • Swing Update


Wallace has recorded three of his four victories on the European circuit in 2018

The players' championshipPlace: Players Stadium, TPC Sawgrass Date: March 14-17Blanket: Live textual commentary and in-game highlights in the third and final rounds on Saturday and Sunday on the BBC Sport website, as well as regular updates on the BBC Radio 5 Live course

Rising star Matt Wallace makes his debut in the championship of players at Sawgrass Stadium Stadium, which begins Thursday. The 28-year-old Londoner, who finished sixth at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Bay Hill last Sunday, is providing an exclusive player diary for BBC Sport.

This place is fantastic. It's a real golf course, and the experience has already been different.

For example, on the small green island of the 17th, it was the first time I felt so intense during a practice round. I was not really nervous but the intensity has increased tremendously.

Normally, I'm not a very good training player, I just try to see everything, see the bad things and try to chart my course.

But that tee shot was a serious goal, because people were looking at us and you do not want to go wrong. It was the first time I had such intensity before the start of a tournament.

I hit two shots; one to the right, then one to a flag before and both found the green, so everything was fine.

I had a conversation with Sir Nick Faldo at the beginning of the week and he was brilliant. He commented on me and look at my game.

We did a little bit by putting and discussing some upcoming tournaments – one in particular in April – you know the one where he did particularly well!

I receive messages from home telling me that I have taken the tour of the PGA and it is great for them to be able to watch me at night rather than miss it during the day.

We had a good start in the United States. Getting the invitation in the Honda Classic was so special, knowing the golf course so well on television and it was as difficult as it looks.

That makes my intensity go up because it's very hard here. You must drive well, hit different types of steel shots to hold the greens and slow down the ball.

This level of golf makes you better and that is where my level is. I really enjoy it. I love the crowds, I love everything about the PGA Tour and this place is quite special.

It is good to put myself in these situations so early in the year. By finishing second in Dubai, the juice sank and I left for a new tour.

Some people may have wondered if I was ready for it, but I did not think about it. I was just trying to play golf well and what comes out of it is to be in situations like last Sunday when I was in the middle of the last afternoon.

I've been a little disappointed to miss this short putt in the last game at Bay Hill, but I always try to use setbacks to make myself better.

So I went to see Phil Kenyon coach yesterday. He teaches my coach Mike Kanski and if I did not miss this putt, I would not have done it.

Phil made me understand that I was aiming well and there is a beauty to that because I only saw it because I missed that putt. Now my goal will be better and I feel more comfortable because of this missed putt.

I heard Justin Rose say that it was about anyone's golf course. The best player will win, which is very good for me in events like this.

If I play golf and know that I can do it, I know I can have a chance. It's literally playing good golf and seeing where you stand compared to the best players in the world.

I went to university here, so I'm used to the way of playing, but the way my golf has changed that only adds to the way you play here.

You must hit fairways and greens, as well as fleas and putts. This was especially the case at Bay Hill last week where the rough was so thick.

I think that's why you saw so many Europeans at the top of the rankings.

Wallace was in the top 100 in the world with a win in India last year and currently ranks 36th.

This is not the first time I compete here. I attended the Jacksonville University Tournament in 2011, but the grass was dormant and so brown that she was crazy.

So it was different and I was not a very good golfer at the time. I'm going to play the course a little differently this week.

It is much sweeter and at this time of year, the wind is rising. In practice, this has sometimes been brutal.

On Tuesday, I asked my caddy Dave McNeilly what would be the best score and he said anything level in these windy conditions.

I start early Thursday and it will be good to go out and publish a score and see where it leads me.

One thing that tells me that I'm fine here is that I've been followed by the PGA Tour on Twitter! I was happy with that.

Matt Wallace is entrusted to Ian Carter, BBC correspondent for golf.